How to dress

I burned with the sun, and now what do I do?

You’ve gone insane, now it’s time to treat your skin well to recover. An exit at the weekend can result in painful burns. It just started the summer and you screwed up. We are in the second week of October and you are already to hide the rest summer. They are not even carnivals and in a week

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Summer fashion guide for ladies

The summer fashion guide for ladies

Hello, girls! How are you? Do you remember that I wrote a few weeks ago the Fashion guide to the short films? Well, I want to bring you advice again this time for the girls who feel that they are a little stuffy of weight or who want to simply appear to look thinner.

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How to take them without falling into the vulgar.

Shorts and tacos, yes or no?

Dare and walk safely and confidently! Be yourself the best option is the attitude. High heels with shorts are one of those combinations that inspire different reactions. Already, wearing shorts in Lima is a little complicated by the obscenities that can tell you; but I think we should go against it and dare to use

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