How to dress for hiking to the mountain in summer

If you have planned to spend a few days in the mountains we recommend the best looks to enjoy the experience to the fullest. With the arrival of summer and heat, it is time to enjoy our summer holidays and for this, we always like to make a thousand different plans like the dress for hiking. Always trying to get the right disconnection for when we return to our jobs.

Going to the beach, this time becomes our favorite activity, but there are many others that are worth taking into account. Among them, going to the countryside or to the mountain should be well considered, due to the large number of different activities they offer. Rafting, canyoning, canoeing, hiking or zip line are some of the activities we can do during our mountain holidays. Keep reading: How to dress for a party at home

How to dress for hiking

dress for hiking

Going to the mountain offers a range of activities that you have to consider before opting for the beachGoing to the mountain offers a range of activities that you have to consider before opting for the beach

Choosing a suitable look for every occasion is what determines the elegance and the know-how of people. So, knowing what kind of clothes we should wear for a holiday in the countryside or the mountains will determine the success or failure of our days of disconnection.


dress for hiking

Making a small calendar with the activities that we are going to carry out during our days in the mountains will determine the success of our vacations. Prepare your luggage well will be essential , therefore, from Bekia we will give you all the keys so that your suitcase does not miss anything.

The first thing you have to take into account when making your looks is the temperature and climate of the place where we are going to go. This is going to be very important when choosing our clothes and accessories. If we go to a place where the temperatures will be very high, we should opt for light clothing, with light colors and very fluid fabrics . For example, oversize shirts, jeans, or vaporous dresses for the night are some of the clothes we should wear. On the other hand, if the place where we are going is a destination where it is going to be cool and even rain, we should choose to take some warm clothes such as a raincoat and the occasional sweater, to combat the cold and the humidity.

The number of days we are going to be will also greatly influence our equipment . If we are going to be a few days, we will have a little more freedom at the time to make our looks because we will have more space in the suitcase. But if on the contrary we are going to spend a long season in the mountains or in the countryside, we will have a little more complicated. Choose basic clothes, with neutral colors, combinable with each other is going to be the definitive key, so we can repeat clothes with different combinations during our holidays in the mountains.

Choose neutral colored garments that are easy to combine with each other. Choose neutral colored garments that are easy to combine with each other

Finally, make a calendar with the activities that we are going to do every day , it will help us a lot when it comes to preparing our suitcase. Having clear to what we are going to dedicate our time we will know what garments we are going to use and what we are not. It will not be the same if we are going to spend our days doing risk activities such as rafting, canoeing or zip-lining, which if for example we are going to spend our days in a rural house sunbathing and bathing in the pool.


dress for hiking

As for every occasion, there are always some items that are not the most recommended for that plan, since they do not fit with the lifestyle that is carried in the area. In this case, when it comes to our vacation in the mountains, there are several items that should be prohibited in our suitcase.

Starting with shoes, when we go to the mountain we should try to avoid those that cause us discomfort, since living in the mountains means spending the day walking and going up and down slopes, so wearing shoes that are not comfortable would be a mistake . In this case, you should completely rule out wearing too-open heels and shoes.

Wearing too tight clothes can also become a mistake, as this can prevent us from moving freely and can make us feel very uncomfortable in the mountains. When we travel to spend some days in the country, we should try to go comfortable, so avoid tight miniskirts, or tight dresses, as well as wearing too tight pants can make us spend the worst vacation of our lives in years.

Finally, we must take into account that we are going to the mountain, so we must avoid wearing too sophisticated or festive clothes at all costs . The glitter, the leather, the rhinestones or the lace leave them at home, so you will avoid calling too much attention and not for good. If you do not want to be the center of criticism remember to apply common sense and wear practical and comfortable clothes.


dress for hiking

When it comes to traveling to the mountains, there are a number of key items that can not be missing in your luggage, and this is something you have to be very clear about.

It is highly recommended that you wear comfortable and fresh clothes. It is highly recommended that you wear comfortable and fresh clothes

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to wear comfortable clothes, cool and at the same time that covers your body enough so you do not suffer any mishap with insects or mountain vegetation .

Jeans are essential in our luggage because they meet all the requirements to spend our day in the mountains. Therefore, do not forget to bring those you most comfortable with.

Remember that you do not go to a terrace to have some tapas , you go to the mountain and you will spend the day doing different activities, that’s why the perfect shoes for your days in the mountains are some sneakers. This type of footwear also meets the requirements we will need in a garment to spend intense days in the mountains, so it can save us from sprains of ankles, insect bites and, even, the dreaded blisters and chafing.

Finally, do not forget to bring a backpack or bag of a large size to carry all your belongings with you. In this case, a backpack would be perfect. Because that way you make space for everything you need and you take everything under control. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading our article dress for hiking. You might also like:

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