The homemade tricks, what we can call ‘the ones of a lifetime’, those that pass from generation to generation. From grandmothers to mothers and from mothers to daughters, are often the most effective. With a simple desperate call to mom we will be enlightened the way to the solution that will put an end to that problem that had overwhelmed us so much, and is that like the advice of a mother there is nothing. 

How to remove bad odor from clothes permanently?

How to remove bad odor from clothes

However, today we also have another great ally, the Internet, a huge storehouse of information and wisdom, where we can find the answer to many of our questions and the solution to many of our most everyday problems. For example, how can I eliminate the incessant odor that has adhered to my clothes and that I can not eliminate? Here is the answer! Keep reading: 9 crazy trends for summer, would you dare with them?

The impregnated smell of the gym, the not-so-sweet scent of fritanga that sticks to your clothes after an afternoon of canes in the bar, the musty smell of clothes that have been wet for a long time, the smell of tobacco active or passive smoker … There are many circumstances that can cause our clothes to give off a not very pleasant smell and that seems to persist despite having been put in the washing machine. So, what are the most common remedies? Baking soda, white vinegar, and lemon are some of the most common everyday products used to clean the home from home remedies. With them, you can get miracles! In this way, today we are going to write down some tips focused on ending the bad smells of clothes. Take paper and pen and go!

How do we eliminate the smell of sweat?

How do we eliminate the smell of sweat?

There are garments that, either by use or by the fabric, resist to get rid of the smell of sweat completely. Thus, to eliminate it we can wash the garment applying a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and water in the ‘conflicting’ areas, and let it act.

For its part, we can also use a product that everyone has in the kitchen and that is unique in terms of cleaning tricks, the lemon. How should we use it? You just have to mix water and lemon juice in the same proportion and apply the mixture with a sponge in the areas that emit the odor. After a few hours, it will have dried and the smell will have disappeared.

What happens with the smell of humidity?

What happens with the smell of humidity?

One of the most common problems when we talk about bad sme, when we talk about bad smells in clothes already washed, which usually occurs when a garment has taken a long time to dry or when we have left without realizing much time the laundry in the washing machine. So, simply by letting it dry the smell passes, but it may also persist, and for this, we can put the clothes back in the washing machine but putting in the detergent box these products:

– A cup of white vinegar.
– One cup of baking soda, borax or soda carbonate, which are detergent boosters. Its ability to increase the pH alkalinity of the water makes the detergent work better.
– Softener.
– Use a special odor detergent and use a program with very high temperatures.

Finish with the smell

In the changes of season, when taking the clothes of the season after having been months stored in boxes, it is possible that we find ourselves with a slightly weird aroma that we all identify as ‘stored smell’. For this, the best remedy is to prevent it by putting jasmine bags, lavender. .. wrapped in cotton inside the bags and boxes where we store the clothes.

What if the problem is in the washing machine?

What if the problem is in the washing machine?

If we see that after washing the clothes in the washing machine, all the clothes have a slightly unpleasant aroma that does not go away no matter how much they are washed, then the problem may be in the machine itself.

What do we do in this case?

– In the first place, to avoid the accumulation of humidity and to facilitate ventilation, we will always have the door of the washing machine open when we are not using it.
– More or less once a month we can do a wash without clothes at maximum temperature, to eliminate any type of residue and other elements that may have remained in the drum.
– Finally, we can not forget to clean the filter of it. You may also like:

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