how to store winter clothes

Do you know how to store winter clothes?

Avoid moisture damaging your coats, bedding or carpets, ventilating the places where you will store them. Summer is ending, and it is time to put all the pieces of winter until further notice. Dressup for winter with the latest style. And we not only talk about clothes but also blankets, quilts and even carpets that

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how to dress for the cold fashionably

How to dress for the cold fashionably

How should you dress in winter? What are the basic items to protect from the cold? What does it mean to dress in layers? What materials are best suited to preserve body heat? What are the new trends for this fall-winter? The previous sequence gathers only a part of the many questions that the immigrant

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How to remove bad odor from clothes

How to remove bad odor from clothes permanently?

The homemade tricks, what we can call ‘the ones of a lifetime’, those that pass from generation to generation. From grandmothers to mothers and from mothers to daughters, are often the most effective. With a simple desperate call to mom we will be enlightened the way to the solution that will put an end to

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