How to take care of bleached blonde hair

How to take care of bleached blonde hair?

The blond hair, whether natural or stained, needs more care and attention to keep always radiant and healthy hairs with other hues. And it is that the lighter hair is more sensitive to the aggressive action of certain products and the sun’s rays. In addition to that damage is much more visible as dryness, frizziness,

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Perfect Gifts for men this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us, even as we’ve only just boxed up the Christmas decorations. Want to know what you can buy your man this year? Here are some great ideas for putting a smile on your guys face this February 14th: Protein Shake Mixer The health trend for consuming more protein is

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how to iron silk clothes

How to iron silk clothes at your house

Despite its excellent reputation, silk has hard enough fibers that require dry cleaning and may not resist ironing, especially at high temperatures. To iron a garment made of this material, you can use an iron directly on the silk fabric. Steam iron in case the fabric is heavier.  Let’s learn how to iron silk clothes. 

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