Basic Guide To Wearing Stylish Socks

If you are one of those who thinks that they are garments that do not have importance in your style, you are mistaken; In case the suit is dark and smooth, it can be worn with streaks, rhombuses or stitches.

Many years ago, men did not take into account what socks we used. Usually, we were looking for some that were the color of our pants. With the passage of time, we have learned to take advantage of this garment.

The rules have changed completely. So that your socks help you improve your outfit, we give you 5 rules that will allow you to look spectacular and most important: you will never make mistakes again!

Amazing 5 tips to wear stylish socks

Wearing Stylish Socks
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If you want to start wearing colored socks in all your looks, you have to learn these rules of memory. Do not want to run before you learn to walk. On the other hand, if you are not interested in risking but want to change the mistakes for success, pay close attention.

How many times have you heard that the socks have to be the color of your pants or your shoes? This is one of the first rules we learn as men. Both are valid but the result is different.

If you choose to wear socks of the same color as your shoes, you run the risk that the footwear will look bigger or coarser than it actually is. Your feet could also get to see much bigger than they are. On the other hand, if you look for the color between your socks and pants is the same, you will get a completely positive result. You will look thinner and the length of your legs will increase.


If you are already a specialist in the first point and you want to use happy socks as an expert or if you want to give a small and not so exaggerated look to your look, follow this advice.

Wear a gray suit and match it with shoes of the same color. What to do with the socks? Use them to the same color (gray) but of a different tone. What do we mean by this? Another example: If your suit is navy blue, your socks are blue but not navy blue.

It is not yet time to print. It is important to mention that in these types of combinations it is never recommended that your socks are much clearer than the rest of your look.


No, no, no and no. White socks should only be used for exercise or to combine with tennis. And if you wear them with jeans and sneakers, let them be short! If your look is not a sport, forget about them. It does not look good and they never will.


Have you mastered the three previous steps and want to give a touch of color to your look? Very good. To use ‘happy socks’ it is important not to be afraid of the new. That is not synonymous with saturating your look or trying things that are wrong. Trust your instinct. If you do not feel comfortable or do not convince yourself how you look, discard them!

Wearing Stylish Socks
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Incorporating striped socks, colors or rhombuses to your look is quite easy, you just have to be aware of several things. Do you want to wear them for a formal look? If your suit is dark (black, navy or gray) and smoothes we recommend you to be as creative as possible, use striped socks, rhombuses, dots, etc.

What colors to use? Here are three options. 1. If your socks have several colors, try to have the tones match the rest of your look. 2. You can choose socks that contrast with your outfit. 3. If you have a good eye for colors and you know how to create combinations that no one had thought of, follow your impulse.

If your suit has some type of print or detail we recommend using plain socks. The choice of color is left to your discretion.

Needless to say, happy socks can be worn in casual looks. There is no instruction here, we only recommend that you be careful and do not abuse the color. If you are going to wear a printed shirt and pants with a striking tone it is not a good idea to add more colors to the equation.


    Lately, we have seen incredible outfits that do not wear socks. Do you want to try? There is a basic rule, wearing a formal look without socks is u, forgivable. You can only do it with casual or semiformal outfits . It’s not worth going to the office without socks.

If you have any event that is provided, remember that your shoes have to be very comfortable. If they are new or have seams, they can hurt you. Also, it is important that the shoe fit you perfect, neither smaller nor bigger. Not wearing socks, all the details are very noticeable.

In conclusion: Wear socks the same color as your pants.

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