This summer, dare and wear Boyfriend Jeans!

How do I combine boyfriend jeans with this summer heat? The blog dress online gives you the advice you need.

We show you a refreshing look for the summer

Hello girls and guys! How are you? I very well, because finally Friday and weekend. Today I bring you this look of broken boyfriend jeans that have been in trend for about two years.

They are called boyfriend jeans because they are loose, without elastic cloth as we normally use women. As if our boy had borrowed them to get out of trouble, right? (I leave to your imagination in which situations could happen something like this). The point is that these jeans are within the effortless fashion, which highlights loose and comfortable garments.

I have combined my boyfriend jeans with a black body. This is a must mix for this type of jean because if we use a loose structure (boyfriend jeans), with a casual concept (broken), with a hip hop style. It is great to add the opposite to the above: something tight, more elegant and sexy. So we created a chic hip hop style and we look cool and sexy at the same time, what do they say?

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As for the colors, as I am using broken I have opted not to add more noise to my color palette and stay with three: blue, black and gold (which go in tone with my skin and hair). For those who have a more tan skin tone and darker hair. I would recommend testing with silver jewelry, although it is not a rule at all.

Complements that create the look.
Sandals with straps and black body
Sandals with straps and black body.
These jeans make a chic and casual look
Jeans make up a chic and casual look.
carolina ciurlizza

I hope you liked it. Thanks and kisses for all!

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