Eye makeup tips for women over 40

Makeup can become our best ally. Women over 40 are at our best age. That’s why we should not paint ourselves as if we had 20 but neither should we neglect. One of the most striking areas of a woman’s face is her eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul and can betray anyone. Here we bring Eye makeup tips for women over 40. 

Through them, you can discover the secrets of a person’s heart but also some of their bad habits (little sleep, lack of hydration, excess fatigue, etc.). And for that reason, you must take care of them, especially if you belong to the group of women over 40. Continue reading: What lingerie to wear according to your body?

Eye makeup tips

The eyes also serve as human calculators. Just by observing them, others can guess your age. But quiet, we ‘re going to leave you several Eye makeup tips and anti-aging tricks. They will make others never guess your time of life. All thanks to makeup, one of the advantages of being a woman. These are the techniques so that nobody knows that you are among women over 40.

Eye makeup tips

1. Use concealer!

The time flies and when you realize, you belong to the group of women over 40. As this occurs you can not help retain water under the eyes and when they start out dark circles.

This should not prevent you from showing your beauty.

The concealer is a good choice because it hides your imperfections. Although you can use it for many things, its main function is to cover the damages to your skin. In this case, dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes.

Before putting on your eyes and after the base, place this fantastic product that we all love. Especially on special occasions. In photographic memories, you must be impeccable.

Just remember to apply it well and blur it even better. The least you want is to have a patch of concealer that is very obvious.

2. Do not exaggerate in makeup

When the stage of adolescence arrives, the girls begin to use a lot of makeup, since they want to look older than they have. There are women over 40 who, apparently, do not understand this much.

You have to have a lot of courage to use so much makeup. Think that more makeup is equal to older. We are sure that the women who have spent the fourth decade the least they want are to add years.

Do not exaggerate and remember that less is more. That is, less makeup will make you more beautiful. Although that also depends on the context, the place and the time you are going to leave.

A dinner with your partner would be a good occasion to use dark tones in the eyes. This will make you look stunning and sexy. Being a night out is fine but do not do it when attending daytime meetings. During the day, encourage yourself to make up your eyes with layers of soft colors. They will make you look younger. A touch of black is not bad, use mascara to make your eyes stand out. Keep reading http://trenchpress.com/tipshow-to-useapply-eye-shadows/

3. Tabs that captivate

Since we touch the theme of mascara, we will give you some recommendations. Do not trust the impact of the black. Be careful when using the power of this product, as the lumps will make you look careless and bad.

Before using your mascara, clean the outside of the sides of the tube. Next, slide over the tabs. This will give definition to your eyes.

Remember to apply the mascara only on the upper lashes. It is not necessary to give more darkness to the part under your eyes. For that area is the eyeliner.

Eye makeup tips

4. Perfect eyebrows

The eyes of women over 40 stand out more when they take care of their eyebrows. Tattoos are not recommended, although some prefer it.

The problem is that, as we get older, the tattoos on the eyebrows turn a greenish color and stop looking good.

The eyebrows should be kept combed and outlined according to your face. They should always be presentable.

A good technique of care is to take a little eyeshadow with a small brush. It should be spongy with soft bristles. Then you pass it through the eyebrows. This will give them volume and paint them at the same time.

If your eyebrows are very prominent remember that you can depilate them to give them a better shape. This is usually a habit well established at 40, but if not, go to a specialist. Check this for the perfect swimsuit: http://blog-collector.org/2018/04/09/perfect-swimsuit-for-you-to-be-super-comfortable-on-the-beach-and-in-the-pool/ 

It will help you to define the best shape according to your face and then you can be the one who, following that pattern, eliminates the excesses.

Take advantage of makeup and love yourself

Eye makeup tips

The makeup techniques will take some years off you. Depending on how you keep them, the eyes can favor us, achieving many things or producing the rejection of others. The idea is to reflect the joy of your heart and never reveal your true age.

Your eyes are the reflection of what you are. You can feel sad and show joy. It’s a matter of makeup techniques. The best thing is that you can use it wherever you want, even on the beach.

And no, the waves of the sea will not give you away, since there is a waterproof makeup that will keep you dazzling longer than other women over 40.

Follow our Eye makeup tips. If you do not have waterproof products and the occasion merits them, choose between buying some of the good quality or not makeup. Using inappropriate products will generate a poor result. It is not a matter of showing what you are not, but of reflecting an intact image.

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