Amazing eye makeup tricks that will help you achieve a more expressive look

If you feel that your eyes are small, closed or torn, and sometimes you do not even know the ideas of perfect makeup. You will understand the frustration of not being able to fix your gaze in a way. It looks as natural and beautiful as possible.

There are makeup mistakes that are so small and simple that learning to master them can make a big difference. Therefore, we want to leave you 10 makeup secrets to make your eyes look much bigger and more expressive.

10 eye makeup tricks

Remember to have your next makeup “weapons” one hand: an eyelash curler or spoon, white pencil eyeliner and eye corrector. Let’s start!

  1. Learn to make up your eyes according to shape

make up your eyes according to shape

Learn to recognize your type of eye shape, in this way you can make them up in the best way. The kind of false eyelashes that you have left, the delineated that suits you best and the makeup that enhances your eyes.

  1. Create the eyebrow design that best fits your eyes

Create the eyebrow design

Start by analyzing your look without makeup, the size of your eyes, the distance between them and the shape of your nose. Distant eyebrows are recommended for flat or round nose, and eyebrows closer together for long, straight nose.

  1. Make up your eyes with a smoky style for more depth

The style of smoky eye makeup is a method that is not always recommended for all eyes, especially for those who are a little more jumped from the basin or torn, Asian style. When the eye makeup is recharged, the nude lipstick looks more delicate.

Make up your eyes with a smoky style

Use clean brushes as they will help you to blend better. Opt for colors that favor you. If your eyes are close together, extend the shadows to your temples a little more. On the contrary, if your eyes are separated, it diffuses towards the lacrimal.

Appy for those who have cat shaped eyes. Avoid applying dark shadows on the entire eyelid. The bulging eyes will look better with the darker shadow in the middle part of the eyelid and more eyeliner.

  1. Use a nude lipstick or a tone close to your skin color

nude lipstick

When you paint your lips with skin tones, what you do is let the first thing that “speaks” in your face be your look, so look for a slightly elevated tone to your skin color. One of the advantages of nude lipstick is that it is a democratic and versatile tone. It can be used in any skin color, at any age and is perfect for those who want to bet on a simple and natural makeup. It is necessary to choose the right shade according to the skin color you have. Do a test before to see if the color of the labial combines with your skin tone.

  1. Use eyeliner that enlarges your look

Use eyeliner

This step is vital because even experts tend to recommend if your eyes are small or slanted. Apply a kohl eyeliner pencil from inside the outer edges of your upper lash line. Close the eye and pull the eyelid so you can stretch it and draw the line. For your first pass, move between the tabs. It will make look thicker. In your second pass to swell the line, if you want it of course. Then use a small brush chisel at an angle to blur the line to make it smoother.

When you look like you have slept only 20 minutes at night, the oldest trick to make you look fresh and bright eyes is to apply a beige eyeliner to its edge lower internal (also known as its waterline).

  1. Curl your tabs correctly

Curl your tabs

It is one of the most important details in your eyes since it creates a drastic change in your eyes. Remember to use your waterproof mask with moderation, since it is not recommended to use it daily, as it eventually mistreats your eyelashes.

  1. Learn to use the false eyelashes that best fit you

use the false eyelashes

The misuse of false eyelashes and their adhesives could bring the risk of infection, allergies or lesions at the level of the eyelids. Beauty does not have to pay for health. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), there are three potential dangers in incorrectly fitting false eyelashes:

  1. Infections of the cornea and eyelids.
  2. Temporary and permanent loss of the eyelashes.
  3. Swelling of the eyelids.

To prevent this from happening, the American Academy of Ophthalmology presents the following recommendations:

  1. Always go to an aesthetic or person with certification.
  2. Make sure the stylist practices proper hygiene.
  3. Ask about the ingredients of the adhesives used in the extensions.
  4. It is not advisable to use them frequently because false eyelashes and adhesives can cause damage to natural eyelashes since removing them can stretch and remove natural eyelashes.

False eyelashes used are risky because they can trap dust and bacteria and without you do not have the necessary hygiene care can cause infection.

  1. Protects and cares for dark circles

cares for dark circles

There are many tricks to take care of dark circles, and one of them is the collagen patches. Also, the frozen tea bags or the fresh potato in segments are perfect for those dark circles. Tips to get rid of dark circles

 Take an egg and separate the white from the yolk, you only need the white one. Now you must beat the white until you reach the snow point; wet the swab in the clear and gives slight touches in the area of the eyelid and below the eye. Let dry for 10 minutes and remove with warm water.

  • Try to rest and sleep the right hours
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun if you take hormones for menopause
  • Protects the skin under the eyes with a good sunscreen
  • Avoid sun exposure during the central hours of the day (between 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.)
  • Take care of the area under the eyes with caps or hats
  • Choose natural foods that favor good circulation

If you follow these practices, but simple tips, the chances of having dark circles, will be less.

  1. Use white or pearl eyeliner pencil on key points

pearl eyeliner pencil

The important points where you can highlight your look with the white pen are the area where the lacrimal begins, a line inside the lacrimal and in the upper arch of your eyebrows to give an extra boost.

  1. Apply concealer to dark circles correctly

Apply concealer to dark circles

The correct way to apply the concealer of circles is in an inverted triangle towards your cheeks, in this way you look stands out naturally.

Final thought,

Eye makeup is an essential part of women beauty. Without it, you may look ugly. Took look yourself beautiful and sexy, apply the 10 amazing tricks to improve bridal makeup. If you enjoy reading our tricks, don’t forget to share.

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