How to stay warm with little clothing?

How to stay warm with little clothing? Follow these tips and you will dress in the trend without spending anything cold. With the winter comes the season of warm clothes, thick fabrics and looks to combat the cold. You can buy a winter jacket for extreme cold. The problem of this time is that often we do not know what to wear and we opted for the easiest solution: to use pieces that we put on other stations and to add more and more layers first error.

How to stay warm with little clothing?

How to stay warm with little clothing

To be able to wear a perfect look, no matter where you are and how cold it is, it is best to select the type of pieces that best combine and protect you more efficiently. The best option you can do is avoid clothes that are light and hot at the same time — no need to be too thick pieces.

The first thing you should do is discard fine and fresh garments, those we used on other dates. We can use the tightest as underwear, as long as they are somewhat hotter. We can use thermal parts that are thin, light, comfortable and basic. They protect perfectly and keep your body warm without the need to use several garments on top of each other.

Wear sleeves

Wear sleeves

It is best to select clothes that maintain certain common characteristics. Among them, the material in which they are made. The most prominent fabrics are wool, hair and down. We can also choose a type of cotton that is thicker than we usually use in other basic pieces.

Everything depends on how it is done because the cut is also important. Very wide collars flared sleeves or wider clothing can give the feeling of overwhelming and seem to go stuff. To avoid feeling like an onion, the solution is simple: know how to combine fabrics and use the least amount of clothing necessary. Because no more you will feel less cold.

Wear jersey

Wear jersey

Wool sweaters are the best arrangement and what else will you solve. They are hot, spacious, comfortable and colorful. To expand the protective function, you can use fine and tight inner shirts, especially in case the wool of the main garment has a leafy appearance. Also, it can become your favorite piece of clothing if the variety of shapes, collars, sleeves, and colors is appropriate, as they change the color of winter.

A tip for those people who want to dress a more usual style. Without going cold, the perfect look for these occasions is to go with the office clothes, which tend to be very thin in the feminine case. The masculine adds the jacket and the tie, which bring more heat to the body – although only if afterward it is going to remain inside a sheltered and hot place. At the time of going out, it would be best to select a piece of warm coat, even thicker, to counteract the cold of winter.

Use thicker garments

Use thicker garments

If you are going to stay longer in the open, it is best to use thicker garments. Without the need for unnecessary layers, and with a simpler coat, although just as warm as those that are covered by hair, wool or cotton on the inside. Therefore, what depends, in any case, is the place you want to attend.

For a more casual style, instead of coats, we can select garments such as biker style jackets. These are ideal pieces of shelter, although they can be a bit heavy. They protect perfectly from the cold and help the wind does not stagnate in the bones, that’s why they are used for the road. There are all kinds and styles: from the simplest and simplest to other more elaborate and ornate models.

Wear coats

Avoid shirts

Simple shirts should be avoided, in case you do not have a coat that fits the needs of the time. This advice moves a lot in the office style environment, as they are perfect pieces of clothing for the job. Therefore it is necessary to dress appropriately when going out, which for this is not necessary to use different layers of clothing, but know how to choose the most appropriate coat.

In the case of legs, jeans made of resistant materials and leggings made of thick cotton are the best options to stay warm. In this way, the same resistant materials that we use for the torso can be used for the legs. May the Mayan woolen ethnic patterns come to mind that both became fashionable last season.

Final touch,

To complete the winter look, it is best to wear good boots or sports dresses, both that are warm and comfortable. The military-style for the first and the most modern and cosmopolitan – if your lining is not fabric, which is cooler – for the second model is ideal.

So that, the feet do not suffer so much, there are thermal socks that can help you in case you suffer more than usual with winter. The look would be nothing without the right accessories. The tight caps, the thin and resistant gloves, and the maxi type scarves can be your great allies.

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