How to dress for a job interview: formal or informal?

How to dress for a job interview: formal or informal? Let’s be honest: today they call you to go to do a job interview is great news and a good sign for your professional future. Being able to start working and making a living is something that everyone wants, but as you know before you have to go through a series of filters, such as a job interview. The Human Resources staff, or even your (possible) future boss, will contact you so you can meet them in person. And that’s where you have to demonstrate all your professional qualities, such as responsibility or commitment to work.

How to dress

Now, at the moment you have to go to this appointment you are assaulted by thousands of doubts in your head, especially in relation to your wardrobe. Quiet! We have what you are looking for: follow these keys on how to dress to go to a job interview, and although we can not assure you that they will hire you, we promise that your outfit style will be 10.

Where is the job interview?

Before starting to choose the perfect look to go to the interview, you must be very aware of what the job is. The reason? It is not the same to start working in a law firm where seriousness predominates, to a school with children or a position as a beautician. You can inform yourself about how they are in the company through websites such as Linkedin, or even if you know someone who works or has worked there do not hesitate to ask how they are usually dressed. The important thing is to know how to sell yourself in the best possible way, and if you can fit in your profile through your clothes it will be a good way to start.

Once you know the most appropriate style to go to the interview, you must get down to work. You will have to choose an informal or formal look, but whatever it is you must follow a series of valid indications for both cases. What clothes should you avoid? ¿ Cleavage yes or no? And what about makeup? Take note!

Garments that you should avoid in a job interview

There are certain garments, prints or fabrics that are not entirely accurate to attend a job interview. The reason is that they can divert the attention of those who are going to value you, and it is better that they focus more on your words than on what you are wearing, do not you think?

– Avoid excessive jewelry, large earrings or endless necklaces. Just opt for discreet earrings, fine rings or a silver or gold necklace that is perfect with your look. Remember: add-ons should always add up.

– Do not bet on those heels of vertigo that you like so much. Although you know how to walk as if you were on a catwalk, they will not be a good option if you have to go to an interview. It’s not about dressing up or wearing a perfect look for the night, but showing your best face. Choose some booties, or a medium heel, depending on the rest of the clothes.

– Remember to iron all the clothes you are going to wear. That they do not have any stain or imperfection since with that you will give a very disordered image.

– Definitely, the neckline is not a good idea either. Avoid at all costs wearing a big cleavage, mainly because you’ll be more concerned that you do not see anything to talk to those who have quoted.

– If you are going to wear a skirt or dress, do not be too short. And if there is no other choice, bet on good socks.

– Bet on a simple and discreet look, whether it is more elegant or informal. You must bear in mind that the image is worth a lot and that what you want to achieve is that the person who is hiring you remembers your words more or your professional career than your dress.

As for the hairstyle and makeup …

The beauty look must be totally in line with the rest of your wardrobe. Following the same line as with clothes, you should bet on discretion regarding your hairstyle and makeup. In this way, you should avoid elaborate make-up, with intense red lipstick or colored eyeshadows. The best thing is that you opt for natural makeup as if you were not makeup and nude tones. In your eyes put on a bit of mascara and a marked eyeliner to deepen your look. And the lips? A matte, nude or light pink lipstick will be the most appropriate. In your nails choose a French manicure or the tones that combine with the rest of your clothes.

As for the hairstyle, you should choose the one that best defines you and best suits your own style. It is not about making too elaborate waves, or a hairstyle to go to a wedding. Bet to take it to lose, as in your day to day, or make a pigtail, a braid or a discreet collected.

The perfect look to go to a job interview

As we said at the beginning, not all jobs have the same dress code. Although in all you must know all the aforementioned rules, you have to adapt to the place where you want to make a good impression. An elegant and formal look, or an informal and carefree one? You decide which one to choose!

1. Elegant and distinguished looks

This type of looks is ideal for those places that require some sophistication when going to work daily. Low heels, skirts, dresses or suits will be essential to go to that job interview. With what look do you stay? It is one of the best tips for a dress for a job interview.

2. Essential outfit

The suit and jacket arrived a few years ago to stay. It was installed in our cabinets as an essential and is that it can be used for practically any occasion. This type of look is very appropriate to attend a formal job interview, taking into account the color or print of it. Opt for dark shades, such as black or dark blue, or by check pattern if discreet. It is one of the best tips for a dress for a job interview.

3. Suit with the skirt: ideal look

And the same goes for the skirt. Although it has not spread as much as the previous one, the suit with a skirt is a great option if you want to cause a good image in your job interview. Same advice as with the trouser suit: dark and discreet colors, or inconspicuous prints. It is one of the best tips for a dress for a job interview.

4. Elegant midi skirt

The miniskirts are strictly forbidden to attend a formal job interview . What you can wear is a skirt that goes by the knees, with stockings, or a midi skirt. Combine it with a nice shirt, an ideal bag, and you’ll have your perfect look. It is one of the best tips for a dress for a job interview.

5. Simple dress

A simple dress can save you from more than one hurry, whether it’s winter or summer. The length will depend on the type of dress that is, but if you bet on a short one never forget to wear socks. Combine it with some shoes of medium heels, and you will have the ideal styling. Also, wearing a dress can be a little more original when choosing your color. It is one of the best tips for a dress for a job interview.

Informal and casual looks

On the opposite side of elegant or formal looks, we find those casual or informal. These are ideal for certain types of jobs, in which you can be more creative with your looks. Of course, never forgetting the simplicity at the time of dressing. It is one of the best tips for a dress for a job interview.

What if you bet on some jeans?

A pair of jeans for a job interview? Yes, you read it right! You can wear your favorite jeans, both blue and black, and combine them with a shirt and a pretty American. But remember not to use jeans that are broken or worn. Use the most formal you have, and you will be sure. It is one of the best tips for a dress for a job interview.

Informal and very successful

A trouser with print, either checkered or polka dots, can look great in a job interview. Combine it with a shirt of a color that matches your bottom, some shoes or ankle boots with a bit of heel, and a matching jacket. You’ll see how good it is! It is one of the best tips for a dress for a job interview.

Discretion with a dress

As it happened in a formal interview, a dress is a great ally to go to this type of dating as long as you wear stockings, and it is not too short. Combine your dress with some boots to give a more chic look to your look,, and with a matching bag. You can learn more from The style tribune.

 Skirt and shirt (or sweater) to succeed

As with the dress, a beautiful skirt is also ideal for this type of dating. This time it can be a little shorter than the midi skirt, you can wear a trending print and combine with the rest of the clothes you wear. You will create a beautiful, discreet and very successful outfit.

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