How to wash chenille fabrics?

The chenille fabrics are delicate and easily tend. A washing right could also discolor the head. Some time ago the chenille was made by hand with spun cotton. Today, sweaters, throws, hats and winter gloves are designed with polyester, rayon or mixed acrylic. The spun cotton is quite fragile so to avoid damaging the chenille it washes the fabrics exclusively by hand. At the same time, it is appropriate to follow some important precautions. But here’s how to proceed.

How to wash chenille fabrics?

You will need:

  • Marseille soap
  • Neutral detergent
  • Two clean clothes
  • Two bath towels

How to wash chenille fabrics


To wash chenille fabrics properly, forget the washing machine. Even the most delicate program could damage the fibers. Therefore, fill the sink or bathtub with warm water. Add the flakes of soap, preferably from Marseille or, alternatively, the neutral detergent. Then distribute it evenly. Then dip the fabric and shake it in the water without overdoing it. Leave the chenille to soak for about 20 minutes before draining the water. Then fill the sink or tub with hot water and wash for a second time with less soap. Allow another 5 minutes.


In the tub or in the sink add water this time cold and not very soft. Leave the chenille to soak for about 10 minutes. Then drain the water and proceed with a cold wash to remove detergent residues. At this point, shake and remove the chenille after 25 or 30 minutes. Subsequently, the fabric drips to remove excess water. Be careful not to squeeze the head. Then lay two bath towels on a table or flat surface and then place the chenille fabric on the towels. Wait for the complete drying. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight to prevent the garment from discoloring.


The upholstery of the chenille sofas can be washed with a mild detergent. Absolutely not soak the fabric. Therefore, fill a bucket with warm water and add neutral detergent or Marseille soap flakes. Mix by hand and dip a clean cloth. Squeeze well and pat the stains on the upholstery. Then place a dry cloth on the clean area and apply light pressure with your hands to remove excess water. Proceed with the dry cleaning of the chenille covering fabric. Use a soft bristle brush for this purpose. If the stains persist, repeat the process.

Never forget:

The ironing of chenille garments must take place at less than 200 degrees. The upholstery of the chenille sofas should not be removed but washed with neutral soap or a mixture of white vinegar and tea tree oil.

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