Best Flattering Hairstyles for Strapless Dresses

Do you want to wear a strapless dress but you don’t know what kind of hairstyle can look good with this style? Within the wide variety of dresses that we can find in the world of fashion, the strapless is a style that is characterized by being a strapless dress. It shows the entire part of the shoulders and the collarbone of our body. In addition, this type of dress is usually one of the options most chosen by women as they can be used both for a daytime event and for a special occasion at night.

Best hairstyles for strapless dresses

Strapless garments stand out mainly for not having suspenders, they are dresses without shoulders where this area of ​​the body and others such as the collarbone and part of the chest are discovered. However, within the strapless dresses, we find a wide variety of different styles, colors, and textures. Among these models, the short strapless dress is usually a favorite of many women, especially for an event that takes place during the day, such as a family meal, a communion.

Best Flattering Hairstyles for Strapless Dresses

But what are the most flattering hairstyles for strapless dresses? Choose one of the following:

Loose wavy hair

One of the best hairstyle options for a short strapless dress is loose hair, especially if you have it long or below the shoulders. In addition, to enhance the area, we have left uncovered (shoulders and clavicle) it is recommended that the hair is loose on both sides and with some wide or soft waves since we will give our look an elegant but natural touch. However, if our dress has a sweetheart neckline (instead of the word of honor), we will have to opt for a pick-up since the loose hair will cause the look to be less satisfied in this case.

Long bob for strapless dresses

Another very flattering hairstyle for this type of dresses is the long bob haircut. This bob cut style is for those who want to keep their hair long since it is characterized by starting a few centimeters below the neck and ending slightly below the shoulders. This hairstyle can compensate for the symmetry of the necklines of these dresses since it is an irregular cut, which will give you a natural and rebellious style.

Unkempt low bun

In addition to the above proposals, a disheveled low bun can also be very flattering in short strapless dresses, especially if it has a heart-shaped neckline. However, to give a more romantic and natural touch, we recommend that the bun be made with loose waves as if you were a little disheveled.

Hairstyles for long strapless dresses

In addition to short garments, another model chosen in this style is long strapless dresses. However, these types of dresses are usually more suitable for a night event such as a friend’s party, a romantic date or a wedding, among others.

If you want to show off your shoulderless dress with the most flattering hairstyle, here are some images of hairstyle ideas for long strapless dresses:

Straight and smooth bun

If you want to wear a long strapless dress and you don’t know what hair can look good, a straight and straight bun will always be an excellent option, especially if the garment has a sweetheart neckline. In addition, in this case, it is recommended that you choose either a low bun with the middle stripe if you want a more casual style or a high bun without a line in case you are looking for an elegant and distinguished look.

Semi-picked to the side

If you are more than wearing loose hair, don’t worry because it can also be very flattering with a long shoulderless dress. However, unlike wearing it completely loose as in the previous section, with a long strapless, we recommend a semi-pick with waves to the side to give it a more sophisticated touch.

Short curly hair

Short hair can also be a flattering option for a dress with these characteristics. However, in this type of hair, we recommend small curls and over the shoulder as this will give our look a rebellious and modern touch.

Wedding hairstyles for strapless dresses

A strapless wedding dress is usually a garment very chosen by many women who are going to get married. Therefore, below, we will give you some hairstyle ideas so that you go perfect on this special day:

Water waves for strapless wedding dress

If your strapless wedding dress has a strapless neckline, we recommend a wave of water to give a little movement to this area. In addition to this, you can add some accessory in the hair for a romantic and sophisticated look.

Braided low bun for a romantic look

Another perfect hairstyle for a strapless wedding dress is low bows. However, to give it a more natural and romantic touch, it is preferable that you opt for the option of wearing it braided and with some loose waves along the front of the head.

Side herringbone braid

Braids are very flattering for strapless wedding dresses, especially if it is short and simple. For this style of garment, we recommend that you choose a braid of herringbone to the side since it will give more elegance and delicacy to our look.

Remember you should choose your hairstyle based not only on the dress but also on the weather, the type of event you are attending, and the required dress code.

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