When did men start to care about clothes?

It’s official! Men are just as happy buying clothes as women. There is a big caveat on that thought, it has to be clothes for themselves and they don’t mind doing it online. In fact, they’d prefer that if it’s all the same to you! So, when they are after a nice bit of Ralph Lauren Menswear or whatever they will go to EJ Menswear.

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What has brought this about? We are used to the stereotype of the bored man lugging around the shopping as his stereotypical girlfriend or wife does that thing that all women apparently do, namely walk around every shop before deciding that the first thing they saw and tried on was the best one. Whilst that might be partly true there are two things here. One, it shows that women are canny shoppers who want to get the best deal and that not all women are like that and would rather be doing something else other than shopping. Thank you very much.

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The fact is that since the 1950’s onwards men have had the time and space to really look into wearing something different that the traditional suit and tie. They can even look at wearing bright colours and being a little bit more flamboyant in their style. Many have risen to this challenge incorporating music and art to justify the look that they want to cultivate. They are getting clever at it too, hence the use of the internet for bargains rather than relying on the high street.

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