Russian manicure: what is it and how is it done?

Russian manicure is also known as dry manicure, a type of dry nail treatment. To understand what it consists of and how to do it, we tried to answer the most common questions: which tools to use? How do you use the cutter with diamond tips? We explain everything to you.

The Russian manicure is a new technique that is added to the more known ones, it serves to have manicured hands, always in order and elegant, using a dry technique that we will talk about in this article. In the meantime, we can anticipate that, precisely because it is dry, the usual step that involves immersion of the fingers in water before the realization is not foreseen. We still leave you a video on the classic manicure!

What is the Russian manicure?

It is a technique born in Russia and is also known as dry manicure or kombi manicure, adding to the best known French manicure, reverse manicure, and Japanese manicure.

It is a new way to treat the nail, avoiding immersion in water to soften the cuticles before removing them by pushing them down.

According to lovers of classic manicure, the passage in water is essential to soften the skin and make it easier to remove the cuticles.

Instead, there is another current of thought that sided with the dry manicure as it would be able to make the nail polish last longer, especially the permanent and semi-permanent one. This is because the nail, being porous, tends to increase in volume when immersed in water; eliminating the soaking phase, therefore, the nails are more suitable for the use of semi-permanent enamels or gel reconstructions.

What do you need to make a Russian manicure?

The Russian manicure is quite simple to make, a few specific tools will be enough which will be indispensable to guarantee the “dry” effect. Which ones are they?

  • Scissors
  • Orangewood stick for the cuticles
  • Nail files of various sizes and different hardness
  • Cutter of various sizes with a diamond tip, quite hard but not too abrasive

For those who are not experts, we would like to specify that the cutter is a tool widely used by beauticians and nail technicians and is used to remove permanent enamel or nail reconstruction gel, when it is time to change nail polish because there is regrowth. or the previous one is ruined.

Russian manicure – the tutorial

Once the tools have been established, we can begin the work. Here are all the steps to create a perfect Russian manicure in a few simple steps.

1 – remove the old nail polish

For this step it all depends on the nail polish you wear: if it is a classic nail polish you can remove it with the specific solvent by soaking a cotton pad; otherwise, use the classic methods to remove semi-permanent nail polish.

2 – shape your nails

Use the file to give your nails the shape you want most. An example would be that of ballerina nails.


3 – eliminate the cuticles

With the help of an orangewood stick push down the cuticles so that you can then remove them by cutting them.

4 – polishes and dulls the nails

With a buffer type file, file the nails in the nail art and then polish them and opacify them on the surface. This way they will be ready to receive the nail polish.

5 – use the cutter

Now is the time to use the bur with diamond tips. The choice of diamond tips is desired because they are not too aggressive for the nail.

How to use the cutter in Russian manicure

We would like to specify right away that a cutter is a professional tool supplied in beauty centers for nail technicians who perform manicures. However, it can be found on the market for home use, but be careful: it is a very abrasive tool and if you are not an expert and use it badly, it could have unpleasant consequences such as abrasions or skin trauma.

If you are passionate about manicures and nails in general, before trying your hand at Russian manicure, you can ask your beautician to show you the correct functioning of the cutter, or you can take a specific course to learn how to use it in the right way and become an expert in nail art.

Having made this necessary premise, let’s see the steps to use the diamond tip cutter.

End mill with candle tip

It is the thickest one in the center, while it is finer and on the tip. Take this tip and place it on the bur, use a very low speed (5000-6000 revolutions) touching the cuticles in order to raise them.

Stone point cutter

Now is the time to change and use the stone tip. In this case you will have to go along the contour of the nail, lifting the cuticles and eliminating the cuticles on the sides. At this point, cut the cuticles with special scissors.

Spherical tip cutter

This tip has the role of cleaning, smoothing, and finishing the area where you just passed the previous tips

Stone ball tip cutter

It is larger than the previous one and serves to polish the nail surface. removing dry skin.

As the last steps, you can go over the buffer file to eliminate small residues, scratches or defects left by the cutter. Apply a few drops of cuticle oil and you are ready to indulge yourself with nail polish. Here is an idea to exploit: the trend of faded nails, also known as ombrè nail or degradè nail.

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