5 Simple Summer Dresses For Men

Summer presents the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy pursuits that winter and the colder months simply don’t allow. It’s also an opportunity to show off and enjoy a different style of clothing, and that’s where men’s summer clothing comes in.

You want to feel comfortable in lightweight and breathable fabrics but still, look polished and stylish… However, finding clothing that ticks all those boxes can be a bit of a task if you are unsure of where to look or which brands to invest in. Below are our top five picks, brought to you by real money casinos USA.

Breton With Chinos

France has done a great deal for fashion, but one of its most timeless and versatile contributions is the Breton top. First introduced as uniform for the French Navy in 1858, this striped pullover today enjoys wardrobe essential status. Available in both short- and long-sleeved versions, the Breton offers a toned-down way to play with prints. Keep accompanying garments simple and stripped back: a cuffed navy chino will always be a fitting ally, worn with either minimal leather sneakers or Derby shoes, depending on the occasion.

Office Heatwave

The workplace isn’t always the most accommodating environment to find oneself in when temperatures begin to soar. However, a few seasonal wardrobe tweaks can help to make summer in the office a little more tolerable. Ditching anything unnecessary is rule number one. Start with the tie and belt to make things instantly breezier. Next port of call is fabric – drop heavy, winter materials like wool and Oxford cloth in favour of linen and poplin. If you’re in the market for a tailor-made shirt, you could even request the back panel to be constructed from voile cloth to make it even more breathable. Tie it all together with a pair of suede Derbies and your favourite sunglasses.

Shorts And Shirt

While shorts are never going to be part of the black-tie uniform, it would be remiss to say they can’t be dressed up. As long as you don’t sport it to a Buckingham Palace garden party, a simple shorts-and-shirt combo will serve you well for the vast majority of smart casual summer situations. From the ground up, a pair of premium sneakers make a good jumping-off point – go for a slip-on silhouette for extra style points. Next, opt for either tailored or chino shorts in a subdued colour (beige and navy are both solid options). Finally, add in a well-fitting shirt. This is a type of casual you can easily put on to play the games at internet gambling sites.

Summer Wedding Separates

The thought of standing around in the sweltering sunshine all day dressed in a dark three-piece suit is enough to get anyone hot under the collar. Enter, suit separates. Contrasting your top and bottom when heading for a wedding allows for increased freedom when experimenting with colour. Here, a cream jacket helps to deflect some of the heat, while a navy trouser keeps things grounded. A timeless, and winning, combination. This is quite common amongst footballers, especially Francesco Totti.

Warm-Weather Layering

Dress a shirt up and a tee down simultaneously by layering the two together. This failsafe combination is perfect for balmy summer weekends and beyond, particularly when the shirt in question is of the short-sleeved variety and the T-shirt is realised in a crisp, plain white cotton. To nail the look, keep the rest of your outfit casual and relaxed. Jeans are a good option where legwear is concerned. Think stonewash for a laid-back feel or raw denim for something a little sharper. Whichever you opt for, top it off with a pair of white sneakers and don’t be afraid to show some ankle.

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