Louis Vuitton and Other Top Luxury Clothing Brands in the World

The clothing industry is one of the most ancient industries. However, today very few companies in the field of clothing manufacturing earned the top positions globally. Here are https://www.robinroo.com/en ‘s top six.

  1. Louis Vuitton

The minute you find the initials “LV” on a piece of clothing, you know it is going to cost you an arm and a leg! Louis Vuitton is a French luxury fashion house which is quite popular among the wealthy and the elite sections of the society. Although it started as a luggage manufacturer, LV quickly entered the clothing industry and made it “big”. The brand offers a wide variety of ready to wear collections for both men and women. From posh outwear to stylish swimwear, LV has them all! However, prepare yourself to spend a minimum of $600 for a basic Tee!

  1. Gucci

Gucci is another richest clothing brand in the world which shocks its customers with a rather hefty price tag. The Italian luxury fashion house hires some of the best talent in the industry along with sources of quality raw materials to make all of its products. Now you know why customers flock to Gucci outlets in hundreds, despite the outrageous pricing! The idea is to create a sense of exclusivity to the brand making customers feel “above” the mainstream. Just to give a picture of how much Gucci costs, a pair of checkered shorts is priced at $880!!!

  1. Dior

Dior is one of the most expensive clothing brands in the world with a start price of $3000. Yes, you read that right! Infact, it was one of the earliest brands to popularize the term “haute couture” and even introduce the famous “Royal gown” to the elite women. Famous celebs including Princess Diana preferred Dior for the exquisite, handcrafted pieces of clothing it offers. There are gowns which takes about 100-200 man-hours to support why this brand is priced so high! Although Dior predominantly caters to women, it is now becoming a dominant player in men’s fashion as well and any of its styles could be worn to any events including online gambling for real money.

  1. Hermès

Imagine having to order a dress and waiting for months, if not years, to wear it! That’s Hermès for you! Hermès is a French luxury house that manufactures clothing, bags and accessories. It is one of the world’s most expensive designer brands considering the products are entirely hand-made. Every lace, every stitch is handcrafted to perfection by a single artisan who specializes the craft. As a result, very few products make it into the market. This high demand, low supply is what leads to the exorbitant price tags! Just to let you know, a basicHermès scarf will cost you a minimum 400 USD!!

  1. Prada

With a start price of $2000 for an outfit, Prada is undoubtedly one of the pricey clothing brands in the world. Prada is an Italian brand renowned for making quality leather goods. It was only in 1999 did this brand enter the clothing segment and made its first runway show. Many popular celebrities Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston etc. prefer Prada for red carpet dressing for the playful patterns and intricate embroideries. Prada is known for its fashion-forward ensembles which aim to attract the younger crowd (mostly)!

  1. Chanel

Talking of luxury and ‘expensive’, how can one miss Chanel? Founded by Coco Chanel, the UK luxury fashion house is one of the biggest clothing brands in the world, with about 22000 employees. The start price of Chanel is $3500, making it well out of reach for the mainstream crowd. Chanel takes the credit for creating the iconic “Little Black Dress” in 1920’s which is ubiquitous even in the modern fashion world. It is without any doubt that we can say, Chanel is one of the very few luxury brands which have withstood the test of times!

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