Six ideal colour combinations for men

It’s vitally important to know how to combine the right colours in your clothing — it helps to introduce both variety and individuality to your wardrobe. Nowadays, this is as true for men as it is for women, and getting it right can sometimes be just as complicated.

To help all the men out there seeking to achieve the perfect style (and perhaps those who love to help their man choose as well), experts from usa online casinos picked out six of the most stylish colour combinations which work for all occasions.

  1. Red and Lilac

It’s an unexpected colour combination, but sometimes colours that don’t seem to coordinate are just the right kind of wrong. Lilac was a hugely popular colour in 2020, and adding red is a perfect way to mix it up in an interesting way. Try colour blocking with a lilac top and red pants. Or perhaps a lilac dress with a red belt and shoes. There are many ways to combine these two colours in innovative ways to make an impression.

  1. Brown and Blue

Brown was another colour that fashion tastemakers had a deep affinity for last year, and that trend is sure to continue. Brown is such a great colour to be the base of any ensemble. It’s great as a neutral with other earth tones or as a stand-alone colour. But with Spring upon us and Summer just around the corner, adding a pop of color is just what you may need to stand out in a crowd. Brown and blue are an excellent option for that stand-out colour combo. Try a brown pair of pants with an ocean blue blouse, or maybe a brown romper with turquoise shoes and a statement necklace.

  1. Yellow and Green

Nothing says summertime like the vision of the sun shining on a green field full of yellow flowers. It just feels happy, so why not wear that feeling and look great doing it. Yellow and green are a combo that is electric in its boldness but is also versatile depending on the hues you choose. Try different hues of yellow and green together, to find the right combination for you. You might mix a forest green with chartreuse or perhaps a pale yellow with a true green. Play with different interpretations for this colour combo to find one that is perfect for you.

  1. Red and Blue

It’s not an election year or Independence day, but it doesn’t mean that red and blue aren’t a great colour combination. Not only is it a bold combo, but it’s easy. You can use blue jeans as your base and dress them up with a red blouse or blazer. Add a sexy pair of red high heels to take it to the next level. This is a combo that can be executed in so many different ways and uses a wide range of textures. Denim to twill, silk to leather, there are so many ways to make red and blue and innovative combinations. Also, try a true red mixed with different shades of blue. Maybe a red pair of slacks matched with a navy baby blue sweater. You can try this out while playing live casino games at casino nz online.

  1. Purple and Pink

Pink and purple may seem like it’s better suited to a little girl’s birthday party or cotton candy than as a fashion choice, but that’s not true. Purple and pink can be a very modern and bold combination. There are so many ways to pull this combo off, and it doesn’t have to be elaborate to be eye-catching. Try adding a purple belt to an all-pink look. Or perhaps combine varying shades of purple with pink shoes and accessories. However you mix these colours, do it with confidence and you will stand out when you walk into the party.

  1. Grey

As Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2021, grey is a hot colour for home interiors, design, and fashion. And the beautiful thing about the colour grey is that it can be paired with any colour to be stylish and innovative. Pairing a charcoal grey with an electric blue, or an ash grey with a terracotta are creative ways to use this versatile and neutral colour boldly.  But clothing it’s the only way to get creative with grey. Fashion is not just deconstructed blazers and pumps. A fire pair of sneakers can make a statement all on their own, and when it comes to grey accents for spring, the Air Jordan 7 Retro ‘Flint’ 2021 release is one to watch. These classic kicks are a great way to get some serious attention when you walk into a party.

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