The Louis Vuitton Odeon PM Vs MM: When Size (and Style) Matters

Picture this: You’re browsing through Louis Vuitton’s iconic bags, mesmerized by the monogram canvas and gorgeous leather trim. Your gaze falls upon the Odeon, and oh boy, you’re hooked. Its understated elegance and crossbody functionality are exactly what you need. But wait, there’s a choice to be made – the Odeon PM Vs MM? Let’s delve into the differences between these two beauties and help you find your perfect Odeon match.

Dimensions: Where Every Inch Counts

The main difference between the Odeon PM and MM lies in their size. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Odeon PM: Smaller and more compact.
    • Length: 9.3 inches
    • Height: 7.1 inches
    • Width: 2.8 inches
  • Odeon MM: Roomier and a bit more spacious.
    • Length: 10.8 inches
    • Height: 8.3 inches
    • Width: 3.1 inches

What Do You Actually Carry?

The biggest question of all: What do you really need to tote around on a daily basis? This factor will seriously influence your decision.

  • The Minimalist: If your everyday essentials are your phone, a small wallet, keys, and perhaps a lipstick, the Odeon PM is your best bet. It’s sleek, chic, and won’t weigh you down.
  • The “Just in Case” Carrier: Do you like being prepared for any eventuality? Maybe you want to fit a mini water bottle, sunglasses, or a small notebook. In this case, the Odeon MM gives you that extra wiggle room you crave.

Styling Choices

Okay, size isn’t everything. What about how the bag actually looks on you?

  • The Petite Fashionista: If you have a smaller frame, the Odeon PM might be a more proportionate choice. It has a lovely crossbody look and won’t visually overwhelm you.
  • The Tall Trendsetter: If you’re taller, the Odeon MM could be your go-to. It can still be worn crossbody or casually rested on the shoulder, giving you a bit more flexibility and a bolder presence.

Beyond the Measurements: Special Features & Considerations

While size is vital, there are a few more things to think about:

  • Straps: Both the PM and MM have adjustable vachetta leather straps, so you can customize the drop length for ultimate comfort.
  • Pockets: The Odeon bags sport a convenient external flat pocket perfect for slipping your phone in and out with ease. They also have an internal flat pocket for smaller items.
  • Inside Story: The internal lining is a lovely microfiber in a contrasting dark beige that makes spotting your things a breeze.
  • Price: Keep in mind that the Odeon MM has a slightly higher price tag due to its slightly larger size.

Which Will You Choose?

Louis Vuitton Odeon PM Vs MM

Still in a fix? Here are some extra thoughts to ponder over:

  • Can you try them on? If possible, visiting a Louis Vuitton store and trying on both the PM and MM would be super helpful! Seeing them on your body is the best way to determine which one truly hits the sweet spot.
  • Lifestyle check: Does your everyday life involve running errands, commuting, or spending all day out and about? Do you pack light, or do you tend to throw in the kitchen sink (or at least wish you could)?
  • Personal preference: Above all, it comes down to what you find visually appealing and comfortable. Style is subjective, and sometimes the only way to settle the age-old PM vs. MM debate is simply with your heart!

Wrapping Up: You Can’t Go Wrong

Honestly, both the Louis Vuitton Odeon PM vs MM are timeless and incredibly practical bags.

Here’s a key takeaway:

  • Pick the Odeon PM if you value a compact, chic shoulder bag that holds your daily essentials with ease.
  • Choose the Odeon MM for its greater carrying capacity and flexibility, which makes it suitable for a wider range of items and occasions.

Remember, you’re investing in a luxury piece that will be with you for a long time. Trust your instinct, consider your needs, and you’ll find the Odeon that truly speaks to your style and sense of functionality.


1. Do I need both the PM and MM?

Absolutely not! Unless you’re a die-hard Louis Vuitton collector, one Odeon is absolutely enough. If you do find a use for both sizes down the line, then, by all means, double the fun!

2. Is the Odeon durable enough for everyday use?

Definitely! Louis Vuitton is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and durable materials. Both the monogram canvas and vachetta leather will develop a beautiful patina over time, and with proper care, your Odeon can be your stylish companion for years to come.

3. Can the Odeon fit my iPad mini?

Unfortunately, the Odeon PM can’t comfortably accommodate an iPad mini. The Odeon MM is more likely to fit it, depending on the size and if you have a case on the iPad.

4. Are there different versions of the Odeon?

Besides the PM and MM in classic monogram canvas, you might occasionally find the Odeon in other limited-edition prints or variations like Monogram Empreinte leather. Keep an eye out for special releases if you fancy something unique!

5. Is the Odeon PM too small?

This truly depends on your individual needs. If you are a true minimalist and value a lightweight, streamlined bag, the PM is excellent. If you tend to carry more than just the bare essentials, consider if the MM’s roominess aligns better with your lifestyle.

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