Six Most Attractive Beard Styles For Men

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  1. Stubble

For those who aren’t ready to commit to a full beard, stubble can make an excellent alternative. Sitting between clean-shaven and a short beard, stubble is both practical in length and stylishly rugged. Depending on your hair growth, the perfect stubble can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to grow.

2. Short Beard

If you’re trying to stay cool in the summer sun or your boss has decided that long beards don’t ‘work’ in their workplace, then a short beard is a style for you. For many men, it presents a perfect way to try something new, while still maintaining rugged, masculine facial hair. For a short beard, simply keep the hair on the cheeks and on the neck trimmed short and neatly combed. Regular maintenance is required to ensure your beard remains polished rather than patchy.

3. Trimmed Beard

A longer beard can work well when done right, but approach this style with caution. It is a gradual process to perfect the longer beard, so be patient. Also, be mindful of your grooming. You want to ensure that your hair is styled appropriately, so you don’t end up looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway. Ensure that your barber gets your haircuts right – opt for more modern, youthful styles to prevent an aged aesthetic. Beard oil is also a good idea to stop irritation and dryness and beard oil for men makes your beard hair more manageable.

4. Ducktail Beard

Masculine and stylish, these are two ways to describe the ducktail beard. It is a full beard that resembles a duck’s tail, hence the name. The style tends to have a pointed appearance at the chin and looks best when worn between two to four inches. It is flattering on most face shapes and can be adapted slightly to suit your preference, with varying thicknesses. The beauty of the ducktail beard is that it can have a very sophisticated finish and is easier to wear than some of the more daring styles. That said, the precision of the look makes it a little more maintenance. You will have to regularly groom your beard to have it looking its best even when you’re playing games at jeu de roulette en ligne.

5. Circle Beard

The right beard can transform your face, highlighting your best features and giving you a masculine finish. Circle beards could be just what you’re looking for if you want a stylish beard that can complement your face shape. This beard has a circular shape, which can be subtle or more dramatic, depending on your preference. It usually has a very neat appearance, although those who prefer a more rugged approach may wish to experiment a bit with varying lengths and thicknesses. This is the perfect choice for older men.

6. Chevron Beard

Beards are sexy and cool, but some are more difficult to grow and maintain. The Chevron mustache is one of the easier options to try out and can make a subtle statement with minimal effort. The style features thick facial hair covering the top lip. It can angle downwards at the corners of the lip but has a very natural appearance. This is the focus of your look because the rest of the face is clean-shaven or has only a little stubble; the contrast will draw even more attention to your lips. This facial hair has a decidedly 80s feel, but you can modernize it with how you choose to wear your hair.

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