What is viral marketing anyway?

When an image, a video or a marketing campaign ‘goes viral’ online, it receives a significant amount of engagement very rapidly. This often means that it gets picked up by online and social media algorithms, where it is pushed out to more feeds to be shared further and receive even more attention.

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Standing out online is difficult. However, a single, successful viral marketing campaign has the potential to take a business from small fry to overnight sensation.

How do marketing campaigns go viral?

There’s no single way to create a viral marketing campaign because there are so many variables in play. Everything from the timing of your campaign to the level of emotional resonance you are able to create will impact the success you can generate from your marketing strategy.

However, there are several elements that many viral marketing campaigns have in common. Also, working with an experienced brand strategy agency such as Really Helpful Marketing can help you to maximise the impact of your campaign.

Creating a Viral Marketing Campaign

Successful viral marketing campaigns have many things in common, including:

1. Strong Social Currency

Creating marketing content that is inherently shareable is an essential component of a successful viral campaign. There are many strategies that can be employed here, including comedic content or content that makes the sharer feel as though they’re in the know.

A great example of the power of shareability to increase virality is how Spotify Wrapped quickly evolved from a marketing tactic to an annual phenomenon that sweeps social media, as this Forbes article highlights.

  1. EmotionFrom laughter to tears, content that makes us feel a particular emotion is far more memorable than content that doesn’t tap into what makes us human. There is a vast array of emotions you can appeal to, including surprise, shock and awe.

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  1. StorytellingAs humans, we love a great story. By putting a strong narrative at the centre of your marketing campaign, you have opportunities to start conversations and connect with your audience on a deeper level than is possible with a straightforward sales pitch.

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