Decoration Ideas For a Rustic Wedding

There are plenty of ways to add an organic touch to your wedding. One way is to incorporate greenery. You can create an elegant feel using eucalyptus leaves or go rustic with potted pampas and seasonal flowers, fresh or dried.

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You can also create an alfresco feeling by adding organic wooden details. These include barrels, benches and shabby chic signs.

Another way to bring in the outdoors is to decorate the barn with natural elements. Rustic props like wagons, cowboy boots, horseshoes, and picket fences can make your photos unique.

Consider lining the aisle with flowers if you are having an outdoor ceremony. This will add extra detail to the venue and the atmosphere. Succulents are a great alternative to traditional flowers and come in many different varieties and shapes.

If you have an indoor reception, incorporating fairy lights can create a cosy romantic feel, and the soft glow will look stunning.

The natural, undone look is an essential element to a rustic theme wedding. Flowers like dahlias, sunflowers, and hydrangeas are great year-round options and add a bit of moss to the bouquet for rustic romance.

Candles are another excellent decor element for a rustic wedding. These are especially nice for barn-style weddings, where they can warmly glow over the tables. For details on a Kent Barn Wedding, visit The Plough at Leigh, a fine Kent Barn Wedding venue.

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In addition to candlelight, lanterns can add a rustic charm to your ceremony. Use it as a stunning centrepiece or hang anywhere during the reception.

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