Winter Fashion Radar: Hottest Jewelry Trends to Flaunt in 2021

Although 2020 was an unforgettable year, 2021 came with fewer worries and a return to normalcy. It was a big year for fashion, with many vintage styles like flared pants and oversized clothing making a comeback. But when it comes to accessories like jewelry, the trends are all about embracing colors and dramatics. That’s right; we are seeing enamels and delicate jewelry along with bold and chunky items, making headlines everywhere. Since “Winter is Coming,” why not jump on the bandwagon and take a look at the hottest jewelry trends that are melting the chilly weather in 2021.


Stylishly stacking jewelry such as rings and necklaces is an ongoing trend this year. While fashion advisors love to see a statement piece stealing the show, they also recommend styling together multiple pieces to give off the ultimate chic vibe. Colors like yellow, gold, white, and rose are leading the trend as they look gorgeous when layered together. You can go for full layered necklace sets or match your own, like pairing a delicate necklace with a long pendant or wearing multiple ear climbers.

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Gold chain necklaces

Gold chains are a staple when it comes to statement jewelry, especially for the cold weather. They look bold, subtle, and stand out on their own in almost every outfit. If you want to know which gold jewelry designs are in these days, check out the Dreamland Jewelry review video and get firsthand information on what’s trending. Chunky gold chains are replacing thin ones because they give off an edgy look and spice up a dull outfit. You can also try gold lariats as they look elegant and fun, especially with bold pendants.

Rainbow jewelry

We are embracing colors in 2021 because everyone is tired of grey and white lockdown pajamas. We are talking about embracing energetic enamels and vibrant colors like grass green, purple, turquoise, and fire engine red. Colorful rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are dominating the runaway, and we are obsessed with some ourselves. Neon earrings, especially chunky hoops, are trending along with multi-colored stone pieces. So, add some fun to your outfit and embrace vibrant, feel-good tones, embellished rainbow necklaces. Also, try out multicolor gemstone dramatic drop earrings that are sure to grab everyone’s attention.

Pearly pearls

No one would have guessed it, but pearls came out at the top in this year’s jewelry trends. Let’s face it; pearls never went out of fashion as they are the ultimate symbol of elegance and style. Pearl adorned jewelry is the perfect match for the cold weather, especially when paired with blazers, turtlenecks, and jackets. We exclusively recommend oblong baroque shapes or well-rounded ones like dangly pearl earrings or vintage neck pearls for winter party ensembles. The elegance of pearls is even more highlighted when you pair them with precious stones like topaz, emerald, diamond, and pink opal.

Rhinestone rings and hoops

We always believed that winter is only about solid colors and subtle hues, but things have been different for the past year. We are seeing more and more mood-boosting jewelry, such as dazzling rhinestone pieces, creating multi-hued drama this winter season. For instance, rhinestone rings and hoops are popular these days because of the splendor and sophistication they add to winter clothing. You can coordinate dramatic rhinestone rings with subtler pieces like a delicate pendant or studs. Rhinestone hoops paired with a chunky gold chain are one of the most fashionable jewelry styles this year. Rhinestone halo rings, round cut, flower shape, and cocktail stretch rings are your best accessories for 2021.

Thick chokers

When trying to balance various layers in winter to keep warm, it’s best to go for minimal jewelry like a subtle choker to complete the look. Though we love dainty, thin ones, this year, we’re opting for thick, statement chokers that stand out. Likewise, we are also going for pretty colors like gold, blue, green, brown, etc. Luxe gold chains and enamel chokers are the most wanted this year as they not only make you look runway ready but offer a much more polished look. They are less messy, and you don’t have to try too hard to complement them with other pieces. Also, give a shot to beaded or stacked pearl chokers that will match the snowy white wintery setting on your glamorous evening gowns.

Charm bracelets

Why are we going with charms this year? Because they are versatile, interchangeable, chic, and customizable. Sentimental pieces are consistent and effortless to pull off, making them the star of the show. Charm bracelets and necklaces became a staple this year as you can decorate them with as many trinkets and pendants as you want. We also recommend investing in a good locket charm with a stunning chain to elevate your style throughout the year. The trend related to charms is to go for playful, novelty shapes that represent a memory or an experience. While you’re at it, also explore sister bracelets with exquisite styles to share with your dear one.

Chandelier earrings

After wearing sparkling chandelier earrings, you wouldn’t need to pair them with anything else. It is a statement piece that speaks for itself and looks highly magnificent, especially with gowns and dresses. This year we are going with as dangly, dramatic, and sparkly as possible. So, we are genuinely and utterly obsessed with pieces like gold and silver super-sparkly fringe long fringe earrings. All of which would go perfectly well with a dainty choker and a chunky ring. However, we recommend going for lighter ones if you are out for hours, like the dangly gold grand comet chandelier earrings, which are almost weightless. The trend is to opt for lighter yet longer and more shimmery ones that grab attention immediately.

Long-chain necklaces

Want to add that extra pop and vibrancy to your winter outfits? Try rocking super-long chain necklaces with fun, bold pendants. Delicate lariats, chunky chains, and even thin long ones are trending this season, especially on casual winter ensembles. Various chain designs such as cable chains, beaded, box, and Figaro are top choices to rock the long-chain look. And they’ll look utterly spellbinding when paired with knitwear or edgy jackets. These twisted patterns add texture to your accessory game, whether delicate or chunky, especially when you throw in a pendant.

Floral jewelry

Floral jewelry has made a comeback this year, and they’ve never looked as charming. Floral motif jewelry with modern twists is ruling, especially the winter wedding scene, because of how feminine and elegant they look. Floral earrings, rings, and neckpieces are rocking the show this year, especially when you want to lighten up heavy winter wear. Floral-inspired jewelry like the Ingrid single rose drop earring or floral studs will look stunning with neutral and bold tones.



The previous year had us all snuggled in bed, working from home, with nothing but pajamas on, but this year is fortunately different. And for good reasons. Now we are back to our normal state, ready to rock the winter fashion like never before. This year we are all about wearing bold jewelry, letting the color speak, and shining like a bright star with a touch of sparkle. We saw many trendsetting jewelry pieces in 2021, alluring pieces like chunky chokers, rhinestone rings, dramatic earrings, and charm bracelets. This season, the multi-hued drama is dominating the fashion scene, with people going for colors to show positivity as we slowly leave the pandemic behind. Gold chains, pearls, charms, and over-the-top earrings are some exquisite pieces you have to try.

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