How to make micellar water? (Perfect makeup remover)

There is no doubt that micellar water has revolutionized the world of facial cleansing. Would you like to prepare your micellar water at home? Keep reading this article and if you want to know how to make micellar water step by step and how you should use it to obtain the best results.

With a few simple natural ingredients, it is possible to obtain a lotion cleansing, cleansing, moisturizing, and toning very effective and excellent for the care and beauty of facial skin. Also, this homemade lotion integrates the anti-aging properties of some natural products. It will also show a much younger and radiant dermis. Keep reading: How to clean leather boots 

How to make micellar water?

If besides the commercial versions, you would like your skin to receive all these benefits more naturally. Take note of the following recipe to make homemade micellar water, specifically a lotion of about 100 ml. In the first place, we will detail what all the ingredients and materials you must gather to prepare it are:

How to make micellar water

  • 95 ml of rose water: It tones, softens, calms, rejuvenates, and balances the skin’s fat.
  • 3 ml of sulfated castor oil: It is important that this oil is sulfated so that it has surfactant and water-soluble properties and helps to remove even the most difficult makeup to eliminate.
  • 20 drops of vitamin E: It stands out for its anti-aging properties, for protecting the dermis against external agents and for hydrating it in depth. Discover more in the article how to apply vitamin E on the skin.
  • 3 ml of rosehip oil: It is repairing, regenerating, moisturizing, toning, and rejuvenating.
  • Plastic jar or can with the lid of about 150 or 200 ml.

All these products can be easily found at herbalists or specialized stores selling natural products.


If the bottle in which you are going to keep homemade micellar water is new, it is important that you disinfect it previously. To do this, place it inside

Pour the rose water into the jar. Then, add the castor oil and rosehip oil. Remove so that all the ingredients are integrated. Finally, add the drops of vitamin E and mix.

Cover the bottle and shake it vigorously so that all the components are thoroughly mixed. When the homemade micellar water is ready, you will see that it has a yellowish color, but do not worry. This tonality is due to the sulfated castor oil we have added.

Micellar water is a 3 in 1 cosmetic product because in a single lotion you can find a great cleanser, tonic, and moisturizer for the skin of the face. In this way, you do not need to invest in many products to clean your skin, and you can leave it perfectly prepared for the cell regeneration that takes place every night. Take note of all the micellar water properties that we reveal below. You will see how it will become one of your favorite beauty products if you have not tried it yet.

Cleans and removes makeup thanks to micelles

Its formula is based on micelles, which are molecules that can attract and trap all the dirt, grease and sebum of the skin of the face. These micelles have a bipolar structure because they attract water but also repel it. This makes it possible, on the one hand, to attract all the particles of grease and dirt and to isolate and eliminate them thanks to its repellent effect.

How to make micellar water

In this way, it is possible to cleanse and remove makeup from the face in-depth. Eliminating even the most difficult makeup to remove, such as the long-lasting one.

For all skin types

The Micellar water formula is very soft and hypoallergenic. Therefore, its use is suitable for all skin types, even for the most sensitive. It does not contain alcohol. So, it respects the original pH of the skin as much as possible and does not cause irritation.

There are specific micellar waters for each type of skin. So, you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Improve the skin

It is a product with excellent toning properties, so you will not need to use the facial tonic. In addition to cleaning the skin, it helps to close open pores, prevent the appearance of impurities, and bring a lot more freshness.

Does not oil the skin

Unlike other make-up remove lotions, it does not leave oily skin or a feeling of tightness in the face. Its application is very simple, and later you can notice a dermis much more radiant, clean, fresh, and silky.

As eye and lip make-up remover

It also serves to remove makeup from the eyes and lips. Its formula is ideal for promoting the health and beauty of these sensitive areas of the face.

How to use micellar water

How to use micellar water

You can use homemade micellar water both in the morning and at night, in the same way as commercial lotions:

  • In the morning, it is ideal for cleaning the skin when you wake up and bring a lot of freshness to the face. Leaving you completely prepared to receive the subsequent makeup products.
  • At night it is perfect for removing makeup from the face, eyes, and lips. It will leave your skin super clean and toned, favoring the cell renewal process that the dermis undergoes at night. Thus, you will wake up with a good face and a very beautiful skin.

It is very simple! You have to soak a cotton disk with the micellar water and pass it all over the face. It starts with the eyes and lashes and then continues through the lips. Use another cotton disc to clean the rest of the face and pass it without pressing the skin with circular and soft movements.

When you have finished, it is not necessary to remove it with water. It is a product that does not need to be rinsed. Then, do not forget to apply your moisturizer to get perfect skin.

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