I burned with the sun, and now what do I do?

You’ve gone insane, now it’s time to treat your skin well to recover. An exit at the weekend can result in painful burns.

It just started the summer and you screwed up. We are in the second week of October and you are already to hide the rest summer. They are not even carnivals and in a week you will begin to skin it!

Tell the truth, you always say that it is important to use blocker, pontificas on the importance of health, blah blah and blah, but this weekend did not follow the thousands of recommendations in every Google about taking care of the sun. It just came to you or you fell asleep after the 31st party.

Quiet!!! What you have done is serious, very, very, very serious, but not the end of the world. The first thing you need to know is that what you’ve done can not be done again. We’re? And the second. Just follow these tips and everything will be fine.

1. Aloe

It is one of the best natural remedies. You can buy it in gel or in whole leaves. In the case of the gel, you put it in the refrigerator and you put ice cream on the most affected parts of your body. Its moisturizing and healing power will accelerate the healing process of the affected skin area. In the case of the leaves, pour them directly on your skin and after a few minutes, rinse.

You can get it in gel or sheets
You can get it in gel or in sheets.

2. Take Water

When we suffer from sunstroke not only the skin suffers from burns, but our body is dehydrated. Therefore, you have paused right now and are going to fill your water bottle (go back and read on, of course). Being well hydrated helps you achieve a faster recovery A sign of good hydration is when the urine looks almost transparent.

Dehydration is also inside
Dehydration is also on the inside.

3. Moisturize your skin

The sunshine not only dry and damages the surface of the skin, it also affects the cells and blood vessels. The solution? Apply a moisturizer immediately after the bath. If possible, place the moisturizer in the refrigerator before use .

Every night after bath
Every night after bath.

4. Sunscreen

This is pretty obvious, right? But it never hurts to say it. In summer, and in general, all year round we must use sunscreen. I use La Roche-Posay’s blocking facial cream, Anthelios XL, because it leaves the skin soft and serves as a base of makeup at the same time. I recommend that you try with a blocker that fulfills the function of makeup base so kill two birds with one stone and will not forget this fundamental step every morning. Must be applied three times a day.

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5. Repairing Disaster

And if you embarrassed it well and you have an important event like a wedding or a day meeting you only have an option to match the tone of your skin, or rather, to appear the uniform tone of your skin: the tan car with pigments in your hairdresser’s confidence.

It is preferable to do it in a hair salon
It is preferable to do it in a hairdresser.



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