How to use banana hair clips?

Romantic, vintage or super casual: we have already talked about the main winter trends for the collected hair , but what will be the trendiest hairstyles for 2018? Among the most popular hairstyle of the moment, the banana bun is definitely the most loved of all. Let’s talk about the low bun, whose shape recalls that of a banana, which is conquering the world of fashion and the style of the main trendsetters for its versatility and its ultra chic allure! Classic and tidy or informal and messy? Let’s discover how to use banana hair clips.

How to use banana hair clips?

banana hair clips




The banana bun is the latest trend of hairstyles in 2018, but what is the success of? The main reasons are certainly its versatility and the ease with which it is possible to make it according to the occasion and style that you want to adopt. If until recently, in fact, this type of hairstyle was considered the exclusive prerogative of the world of bridal hair, today returns to decline in increasingly different styles and suitable for any type of situation. Keep reading: How to straighten hair without a flat iron?

Making the banana bun is not difficult, but you need skill and precision. If you want to make it at home you can try to help yourself with a sponge for chignon or use hairpins and elastics. Comb your hair well and bring it back. Divide them into three strands and collect the central one in a tail with the help of a rubber band. Bring the right hand lock over the central one and wrap it around it by fixing the upper part with the hairpins.

Finally, bring the left lock under the central one and secure it under the nape and in the upper part always using the hairpins. With a little exercise and familiarity, you will be able to create your own do-it-yourself bunin a very short time. If you want to make it for a special occasion, we suggest you go to our Alexim Salon for a perfect hairstyle and attention to every detail.

If, instead, you want to create a banana messy and informal bun , leave the tips of the locks free and do not tighten too much, making a soft and messy hairstyle for a super casual effect. Those who love romantic style can, finally, embellish their banana bun with jewel clasps!

Banana clips: who is it for?

banana hair clips

The banana chignon is the ideal hairstyle for those with long or medium-long hair, even better if thick to facilitate the realization of the hairstyle. Perfect on those who have a small face, because it is suitable to highlight the features and free the face from the hair and, of course, on all types of coloring. The status and the balayage will make the hairstyle even more special thanks to the play of shades created on the crown!

And how would you bring the banana bun to you? We are waiting for you in our Alexim Salon to create the perfect hairstyle for your style! You may be interested also:

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