How best to wear an Irish Flat Cap

Easily one of the most impressive and stylish forms of and where is that of the Irish flat Style. These caps have a long and established history  which dates back many centuries. It has remained a popular form of headwear for men throughout Ireland, Britain and also  Europe itself. Some of the best examples of irish flat caps are from companies like What are the best ways that these caps can be worn and with combinations?

One of the most common is to wear it with other Irish outfit traditions. For example, a tweed blazer is a very popular edition and stylish too. You can also combine this with a waistcoat, which has become very fashionable again and maybe even repair woollen trousers to complete the rural Irish look.

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They don’t have to be traditional all the time. You can also combine them with modern where. For example, they are a brilliant addition and combining them with a plain t-shirt gives you a fantastic casual yet stylish look.

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The popularity of the television show the Peaky Blinders also meant that they can be combined with a regular suit. This 1920s, 1930s look is a very smart way for men to dress and it’s easy to see why there has been a return to this style from the past.

Ultimately though the flat cap was designed to be a form of protection for men working Outdoors. Therefore it wouldn’t be by wrong to combine them with outdoor gear.

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