Famous women’s hat types and intelligent ways to style them during the fall season

Women and style accessories go hand in hand! And a hat is a favorite one for many women. Also, a hat is one of the simplest accessories that can add color and dimension to your wardrobe.

According to most fashion experts and personal stylists, styling your hat should be an integral part of selecting an overall outfit. Women have ample scopes to add a statement piece, like a necklace, along with a hat to add glamor to their look. Do you want to experiment with womens hat styles? If yes, here are a few hat types and styling ideas that you can make good use of.

  1. The floppy hat

A floppy hat is a trendy choice! If you want to sport a classy look, select a burgundy color hat to complement the fall season. When wearing a floppy hat, you can opt-in for outdoor activities, such as picking apples in an orchard to visiting the pumpkin patch. Always make sure to buy a floppy hat that complements the outerwear. And if you get a hat that caters to your best outer layer, chances are you will use it more to complete your entire look. Here are a few styling tips:

  • If you plan to wear something oversized, it might look out of place. Hence, make sure to wear something fitting.
  • You can wear this hat with your turtleneck and wide-leg jeans to create a retro look.
  • Wine and various warm neutrals such as olive green, camel, and khaki complement each other.
  • You can opt-in for a dark purple, deep navy, or a classic black option.
  • You can dress up with this hat by wearing a trench coat and riding boots. Alternatively, you can also wear a hugging sweater dress and high heels.
  1. Cashmere knit hat

When temperatures decline during the fall season, you can choose a knit hat. It gets made with 100% cashmere and is the coziest thing you can put on your head. If you are opting for outdoor activities such as hiking, this hat is a good choice. It has a no-hassle style, looks classic, and can complement any attire. Your fall style code should be all about versatility because there are constant temperature changes during fall. Here are a few styling tips:

  • This hat will complement aside, loose braid. You don’t have to overdo a glam look or dress formally.
  • Choose simple make-up such as lip gloss and a tinted moisturizer. If you want, you can use mascara as well.
  • Choose a warm jacket, robust hiking boots, and a pair of wool leggings.
  • If you want, you can pair this using a smart peacoat along with high-heel boots when you plan a weekend getaway. And in case it becomes warm, add your hat to your weekend bag and use it when you are beside a fire pit or outside having a glimpse of the stars. 
  1. The baseball cap

Recently, the baseball cap has been making a comeback! It is gaining more prominence than ever. It would help if you always used it like a graphic tee and a fun phrase or design. Here are a few styling tips:

  • You can pair this classic, casual cap with casual attire, like a white tee-shirt and jeans. It is easy to wear, simple and understated.
  • You can wear it with your boots or your favorite pair of sneakers.
  • There is no need to get match it to perfection by selecting a suede jacket. Instead, you should opt-in for nylon, denim, or canvas. You can also choose to wear a stylish sweatshirt with this hat.
  • If you want to sport a fun look, pair the hat with a fashionable jumpsuit, romper, and big gold hoops.
  • Wearing a hat, you can catch up with your friends or run errands. So, make it your companion depending on the purpose and occasion.
  1. The Beret

The beret is a fashionable and chic hat for the fall season! You can try any of the bold colors like red or even choose a clean ivory option. It is experimental and simple as well. Here are a few styling tips:

  • Make sure to wear your beret hat a little forward on your head. You can also tilt it towards the side if you want to sport a Parisian look. You can also wear it at the back of your head and sport a youthful look.
  • If you want to give this classic hat a dazzling boost, wear it with a crop top and pants. Choose a stunning floral vest along with bright shades of colors and gold hoop earrings.
  • Do you want to look chic and simple wearing this hat? If yes, choose a black shift dress and pair it with pumps. You can walk into a business meeting wearing this along with your hat.
  • You need to have classic makeup on as well! You can opt-in for a black cat eyeliner and red lipstick to sport the old-school look.

These are some of the trendy hat types for women and easy styling tips for the fall season for women to look classy and appealing.

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