Easy Ways to Recycle at Home

There has never been a better time to adjust our mindsets in terms of reducing waste and making a collective effort to look after our planet. Repurposing and recycling items can help us to declutter our home space, as well as reduce waste and the number of items that potentially end up in landfill.

According to Recycle Now, recycling is good for the environment and ensures that we make the best of the earth’s limited natural resources.

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Everyday Items that are Perfect for Recycling:

.       Plastic water bottles – Cutting off the tops and using them to plant seedlings is a great way of repurposing.
.       Plastic bags – Repurpose plastic bags by using them to wrap and store items or use them as liners for your waste bin.
.       Aluminium foil – Aluminium foil is great for cleaning jewellery and retaining heat when placed down the back of radiators.
.       Old Televisions – Consider repairs first, but if it must be disposed of, consider using a local specialist who can responsibly and safely dispose of it.
.       CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes – CDs are a great way of scaring off birds and can be used as a modern take on the scarecrow. Local recycling centres ensure that old media is disposed of safely and responsibly.
.       Wine corks – Make a creative collage, a cork noticeboard or repurpose to secure oils and condiment bottles.
.       Junk mail and envelopes – Envelopes can be reused to send mail and any paper products can be shredded and used to stuff pillows or create an organic garden mulch.

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Crafting and Recycling/Repurposing

Old clothing, scraps of material and miscellaneous threads and wools are a great way of making items such as blankets, scarves and hats out of otherwise unwanted materials. Sites such as knitting kits offer inspiration on crafting projects, together with ready-made knitting kits.

In the UK, yearly recycling is the equivalent of taking 3.5 million cars off the road in terms of the carbon emissions saved. Every item that is repurposed or recycled contributes to making a huge environmental difference.

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