Pink lipstick: who is it good for and how to choose the right shade

Pink lipstick can give a playful and sparkling glam touch to our make-up, making our look more lively and full of personality. But who is pink lipstick good for? The answer is all, as long as you choose the right shade. Below you will find some tips to choose the most suitable pink lipstick for you and show off flawless pink lips!

A soft alternative to the very sensual red, pink lipstick is a great way to vary, playing a little with the colors and catching the eye with a lively and glam color that takes itself less seriously. From the softer tones such as antique pink, light pink, and pink flesh, up to the more intense the pink Indian, pink mauve, and pink dark, this lipstick playful and bubbly soul knows how to be romantic and decided at the same time and giving a touch of character to our look, making it flawless and never boring.

Who is pink lipstick good for?

Fear not, pink lipstick is good for all, but as long as you choose the right shades can valorizzarci at best. To choose the most suitable shades of pink for us, it is necessary to first consider the complexion color and the undertone of the skin. Even the color of eyes and hair is an important factor to be taken into account to make the right choice and flaunt the perfect pink tone for us.

In principle, you can rely on this general rule: if you have a rather intense and dark-colored skin-eye-hair mix, you can stay on a pink lipstick with strong and decisive colors. Ranging from hot pink, the Indian pink to raspberry and strawberry pink, if, on the contrary, you have the soft colors, better stay on delicate nuances, such as light pink, flesh pink, dusty pink, and pastel. But also pay attention to undertones: it is better to combine warm undertones with warm and bright pinks and cold undertones with colder pinks. In short, you should always choose shades of pink in harmony with our face colors: if you have amber skin to be clear, avoid pastel colors or soft pinks and dare with brighter colors, even orange, more in line with your natural colors, if instead, you have a clear complexion, better not overturn everything with shocking or fluorescent tones.

But let’s see specifically the various shades of pink lipstick we have available and how to choose them based on the color of the complexion, eyes, and hair.

Antique pink lipstick: the chicest shade of all!Pink lipstick

Mood: romantic, retro, and sophisticate

Who is it good for:

Antique pink is good for more or less everyone – light, dark skins, with warm or cold undertones – even if it enhances women with fair complexions and cold teasing. If you have dark hair or an olive complexion, choose it in the dark antique pink.

The most refined version of dusty rose is undoubtedly the matte one, but if you have warm undertone skin, better opt for gloss, warmer, and brighter, definitely more suited to you and your colors.

The best effect is obtained with:

– Cool blond + light complexion

– Brown with fair skin – even better with a dark antique pink lipstick, matte for the cool undertone, gloss for the warm undertone

– Reds with pale skin

Indian pink lipstick: the perfect pink for brunettes!

Although pink is considered the perfect shade for blondes as it can enhance them with any shade, it must be admitted that there is a pink lipstick color that is perfect for brunettes. It is called Indian rose, it takes its name from the Indian Rose flower and is a fuchsia with a warm base that however has a touch of cold in it guaranteed by light blue reflections.

Mood: determined and with character

Who is it good for?

It is perfect for those with dark hair and dark eyes, both with olive complexions and with lighter skins, of both undertones, given the cold/warm mix of which it is composed. An excellent result is also obtained on blond-haired women – even better if cold blond; to be avoided instead with red hair.

The best effect is obtained with:

Blackberries and chestnuts with dark eyes and an olive complexion or with a warm undertone.

Light pink lipstick – the ideal choice for women with light colors!Pink lipstick

Mood: delicate, soft, and classy

Who looks good?

The light pink lipstick (pastel pink, candy pink, or candy pink) is perfect for women with light colors: blondes in the first place and ash or light brown women who sport a fair complexion.

Browns and brunettes, in general, don’t get too much value from too light colors, but if they have light skin, light pink lipstick is a great choice. If, on the other hand, you have dark and olive skin, and in general dark colors, avoid very light pinks and pastel pinks: in these cases, the baby pink, pop pink, or cyclamen pink, if you want to stay in the light pink range.

For reds, light pink is not really suitable, unless it is an orange version, like light coral and peach.

The best effect is obtained with:

Blondes with light eyes – a rather cold light pink and opaque, from matte finish, with fair skin from cold undertone and warm, bright light pink, pearl or metal with light complexion from warm undertone or with a more amber skin.

Nude pink lipstick: the nude shade to show off ton sur tonPink lipstick

Mood: sophisticated and natural

Who is it good for?

To show off a flesh-colored or powder pink lipstick worthily, you need to follow the color of your skin and lips. The important thing is not to choose a color that is too light compared to ours, otherwise, the corpse effect is just around the corner. In general, you have to stay on the nude tones of pink if you sport skin with cold undertones and on nude tones of beige with warm undertones.

Remember that a creamy finish is increasingly suitable for flesh-colored pink lipsticks compared to matte, especially if you have a warm undertone, this is because it guarantees some natural brightness and avoids a too dull effect.

As we said, it suits more or less all, but just choose the right one:

– Nude in shades of pink and peach if you have pale skin and cold undertones (and also with red hair)

– Nude in shades of beige if you have medium-light skin with a warm undertone

– Nude in warm tones of beige-copper (absolutely avoid cold tones and pink shades) for medium and Mediterranean skins with warm undertones

– No nude for those with dark skin: in this case, we go on nude-browns, preferably shiny and metal

The best effect is obtained with:

If chosen wisely, every type of skin and undertone can find its perfect enhancement with the flesh pink lipstick, nude and powder-colored.

Mauve pink lipstick: the pink lipstick that looks good on everyone!Pink lipstick

Mood: elegant and retro but with a sparkling and lively touch

Who is it good for?

The rose mallow is good for all. It is in fact the most democratic pink lipstick, able to enhance blondes, brunettes, and even reds, without creating visible and important discolorations. Decisive and with character, but not too much, it is refined and glam-chic and has the advantage of harmoniously enhancing all skin and hair colors, thanks to its versatile nature and its intense but not overly strong color scheme.

The best effect is with:

This lipstick is able to enhance any skin and hair color.

Dark pink lipstick: fuchsia, raspberry pink, strawberry pink, shocking pinkPink lipstick

Mood: outgoing, pop, and with character

Who is it good for?

In general, dark pink lipsticks in the brightest and strongest shades look good both on blondes and, above all, on brunettes with strong colors and amber complexions. In fact, according to the basic rule, the more you show off an intense mix of skin-eyes-hair, the more you have to stay on the colors of dark and bright pink. Therefore, raspberry, fuchsia, strawberry, shocking pink, and fluo are perfect in these cases.

However, these colors are to be avoided absolutely on reds: in these cases it is good to stay on dark pink, less bright and lighter, like dark antique pink or, even better, orange tones, as we will see shortly.

The best effect is obtained with:

-Women by dark colors and skins amber

-Women from cold blond hair and fair skin

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