Getting the suit and the shirt just right.

Finding that elusive sweet spot between a good shirt and good suit working together is remarkable tricky to pull off. However there is an easy solution to the problem and it is this. Don’t bother and just wear a series of nice and tidy Aran Sweaters instead. Shamrock Gift Aran Sweater offer some of the best options available to you.

Still need to match a shirt and suit? Ok here are some tips. Men’s shirts are now a style statement, not just any multi rolled piece of clothing. It’s not just the way that people view you, but also the way you feel about yourself. This will determine the style of shirt you wear. It is important for modern men to choose the right shirt for these reasons.

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  1. I like a pocket. With a pocket, certain men feel relaxed, while others enjoy the streamlined look of no pockets. A shirt looks more formal without a pocket than a shirt with a pocket. It looks casual if a shirt has two pockets, one on each side.
  2. Has to fit right. Perhaps the most significant factor is the fit of the shirt. Your torso should flatter the fit. This is the best match for you, but you need to decide whether you can go for a slim fit, thin fit, classic fit, full fit or contemporary fit. A more completely tailored shirt, for example, offers more flexibility under the arms and has a generous cut on the body and sleeves.

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  1. The Plackets have it. The placket is the part where the buttons sit that runs down the front of the shirt. A distinct piece of fabric running down the shirt is the standard placket, which brings symmetry to the shirt and is a common alternative for business shirts. A more polished solution is the French placket and it does not reveal any stitching. The three-quarter placket is used on polo shirts and, for a relaxed look, just stretches most of the way down the front.

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