Plants to Look for in the Springtime

April is a great month to get out in nature – the natural world is waking up and there are daily changes to the landscape as the plants and animals really spring into life after the winter.

Of course, the weather can still be a little on the chilly side, so wear appropriate clothing like these fisherman sweaters for women when you are going for a walk in the countryside at this time of the year, and be sure to take waterproofs!

There are all sorts of plants to see at this time of the year – here are some of the April flowers to look for on your walk…

Speedwell – These pretty little flowers can range from blue to purple and were often given as a good luck charm to those who were about to go on a journey, to protect them whilst they were travelling.

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Cuckoo Flower – Also known as milkmaids, like the cuckoo, these are a symbol of the spring, and their pretty pale pink heads can be seen on grass verges and in woodlands at this time of the year.

Wild Garlic – A culinary favourite that is collected in the springtime, you will often be able to smell this plant in the woodlands. However, be aware that it often has the toxic lords and ladies growing in amongst it, so be careful when you are collecting it for your dinner.

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Bluebells – In late spring, many people head to the woodlands to spot these beautiful flowers that carpet the woodland floor in a swathe of deep blue. There are many places to go to see them in the UK.

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