What man’s shirt collar do I choose?

It is perhaps the most time spent when designing a custom shirt. What influences when selecting this aspect as fundamental as the collar? Well, it depends on the following factors:

  • Why I want the shirt,
  • Personal tastes,
  • The physiognomy of the person.

If we take into account these three points, we will choose the collar that is more in line with us, which best matches the look we want to give and our style.

We detail below the four collars of shirts for the tie that the majority of men use, the most common and those that surely you like more.

Classic Collar

shirt collar
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It is a collar with full, long tips and drawing a vertical line. During a time it was synonymous with the masculine elegance, but at the moment it is not used much since the tendency is of collars not so closed like this one.

Open collar

shirt collar
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It is a very formal collar with closed ends but with more opening than the classic. The collar blade (width) is optional and the longer, the more formality you get. This type of collar you can use it to dress of label. Current and elegant, right combination.

Classic and open collar:

  • Provide slenderness and height by providing vertical lines,
  • Use whales to keep your collar from rising,
  • Use a not too wide tie knot,
  • Favors rounded faces.

Collar Windsor or British Open

The Windsor collar is the best option if you want an elegant collar with open ends but without being excessive. It is the most used by most men as it combines perfectly the elegance of a classic collar and the current of more open tips. Perfect for use with or without the tie. It favors any face and combines with all kinds of ties and knots.

shirt collar
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Italian open collar end or extreme cutaway

It is without a doubt the collar that is most fashionable at the moment, in particular among the younger audience. The tips very open providing very horizontal lines and endow the tie with a lot of protagonist in your final look. We recommend a double knot for this type of collar for the link to gain importance.

The Windsor and Italian collar:

  • Ideal for not overly broad collars,
  • Bring fresh air to your look,
  • Use double knot with these collars,
  • You can use them also in ceremonies.
shirt collar
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In the end, it all comes down to personal tastes and style that you want to carry more than your physiognomy, but you have to take it into account. Also, the blade width significantly influences the effect of the chosen collar. Classic, modern, daring. You decide your style!

You can design your custom shirt here with the shirt collar that you like. What is your favorite collar?

In the next post, we will talk about the less common shirt collars such as the club, buttoned up hidden, etc.

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