Dress Up for an Evening Wedding: Fundamental Tips

We do not know why, but tomorrow’s weddings are usually less feared. We always have in the closet some short dress to use as a wildcard. In case our budget does not fit, or that we do not find a particular outfit. But it is not so frequenting the fact of having a long dress since they are usually more expensive and less possible.

Tips for dressing for a wedding

That is why we want to offer you different possibilities and options so that the search is not so complicated. So, you can enjoy the different styles that you can try or put together completely to your liking.

Dress Up
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Various options: Overalls, skirt, and blouse

The idea of a long dress as such is not always a right choice or the right thing. We must keep in mind that we have other options such as two-piece suits or monkeys, which are the same or even more elegant if it fits. It’s all about knowing how to put together an outfit correctly!

It can already be a beautiful and tight skirt at the waist, combined with a simple shirt. Also, if you choose a right combination of colors, you will always get a very top set, such as black, as it allows you to combine it with vivid and colorful colors.

There is nothing like having a real bottom of the wardrobe to get out of step gracefully, regardless of how simple your clothes can be, because with right accessories you will get a perfect outfit to go divine.

First choice: Short dresses for evening weddings

Weddings held early in the evening are ideal for suits and short dresses, as you can enjoy many more hours of light than a wedding at night, where the length wins the battle against the lack of sun.

They are usually much more available and combinable than the long ones, which makes many guests end up choosing this option regardless of the time of the link.

On many occasions, even if it is a wedding in the afternoon or evening, we can find women in equally elegant short dresses who do not care so much about the protocol and choose it for outdoor or cocktail celebrations.

Wear your shoes like no other

Dress Up
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If your option is finally to wear a short dress, you can seize the occasion and wear some beautiful shoes. It will be the perfect time to bring a different and original model and look fit. Good shoes are the perfect complement to an elegant clutch to set.


Choose a pair of unique shoes, refined and elegant to leave everyone stunned looking at how precious they can be, with those drawn ears, and his distinguished bow tie as a close on the side.

Second choice: Very tempting long dresses

Dress Up
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With the arrival of autumn, the designs of long dresses are stained with precious colors, in shades of grape, garnet, burgundy, etc. It is the case of the well-known brand Raymond. We have seen how well they feel their new proposals, like this great design made in purple velvet.

The truth is that all his designs, whether dressed in long monkeys or two pieces, have an innate style, an exquisite pattern and are full of sophistication.

If you wonder how to go to an afternoon wedding and prefer to follow a line a bit more conservative when it comes to colors, do not hesitate and decántate for this beautiful and elegant design with an infinitely beautiful back.

Monkey back air

Tell me which cleavage you wear, and I’ll tell you how you comb.

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Depending on the neckline of your dress so you should brush your hair, and what is being taken a lot before the precious picks and semi-directives of our most current guests, are the comb decorating and holding in a very sophisticated way our hairstyles.

The power of accessories is always incalculable

Dress Up
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If there is something that characterizes the majority of the wedding guests, they are the little bags that we have to gird to go according to the occasion. Wearing a clutch is usually the most favorable option, due to the general typologies and models we can use.

Depending on your style, this will be your bag, since if your dress or dress is smooth or super simple, you can afford to carry a much more original bag, while if your outfit is stamped or enough recharged, always You can choose some simple, classic and “back of the closet.”

Distinguished and sophisticated accessory: A good pair of gloves

If there is a modern complement like that, which brings an innate elegance acquired by the use they gave them years ago, these are a nice pair of high gloves.

The same ones used previously by women of the jet set or noble women as a symbol of their refinement.

Of course, always up to the elbow! Nothing to wear gloves up. Because apart from not being comfortable. They are to compliment, and not even at the custom celebrations are usually used.

Small tips to keep in mind to go divine

  • A good jewel looks more with an everyday dress, so do not suture of jewelry.
  • No shiny stockings or too white.
  • Run away from excessive necklines and extremely short dresses if you do not want to be ordinary.
  • Choose dresses with simple cuts that you feel comfortable to attend a wedding.

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