How to start your own Fashion Brand

If it has always been your dream to create your own fashion brand and have decided to go for it, congratulations on your first step into the crazy world of fashion! Remember, every single big-name brand that we know today all started off as a dream in one person’s head, so you have to start somewhere! If you are thinking you may need a few tips before you begin, then carry on reading!

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Know what you are aiming for before you begin – Where do you see your brand being sold? Do you want to be a high-end designer on the catwalks at London Fashion Week? Do you see your designs selling well in a popular department store? Do you want to be an online retailer? Getting this right is important – of course it depends on your designs and who they are aimed at that will influence how best to go about it.

Know your target audience – This is hugely important – you must know the audience that you are trying to appeal to and do your marketing accordingly – a marketing strategy consultant such as can help you with this and ensure you are targeting the right people for your clothing.

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Get your designs done – You will need to start designing your clothes, so remember when you are doing this to keep in mind who they are aimed at, and also as this will be your first collection, they should showcase your brand strongly and give people an idea of what to expect going forward.

Find a Manufacturer – It will be necessary for you to get someone to manufacture your clothes for you, as you will not be able to make them all yourself. You can find companies abroad who can do this, and you can communicate with them via phone and email without ever needing to travel there yourself.

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