How to choose Jewelry for daily wear?

Let’s talk about what jewelry accessories can be worn every day. Our image consists of trifles, and decorations, including showing how presentable you look. It is especially important to choose a suitable image for working in the office because your image should correspond to the dress code and your career expectations. In this article, we are going to share our thoughts about how to choose Jewelry.

How to choose jewelry?

How to choose Jewelry

First, we denote what can and can not be carried to the office. Use these rules when choosing your ideal jewelry for a business image.

1. Rule number 1 – moderation

Wear no more than three jewels at a time. For example, “ring, bracelet, earrings,” “earrings, necklace, ring” or “bracelet, earrings, brooch.”

2. Rule number 2 – the appropriate size

The size of the jewelry should not be too large. Otherwise, the products will no longer be basic but will turn into the accent.

3. Rule number 3 – calm colors

Use calm shades, do not wear too bright jewelry in the office.

4. Rule number 4 – concise design

Jewelry should be in a minimalist and classic style. Do not allow care in the bohemian style, grunge or ethnic.



In the office, strict forms and small sizes are always appropriate. Nevertheless, the business environment is also subject to trends. The 80s are now in vogue, and earrings-rings of different thickness have migrated to us – both very thin and wide.

Stud earrings

Also very relevant are earrings in the form of a knot, earrings with metal plates. In general, earrings made of metal, without additional inclusions, are relevant — the shape of the trend on the concise geometric silhouettes.


Another trend is pearls. Look for simple concise, not florid pearl earrings – they will be an excellent base jewel.

Neck Jewelry

Neck Jewelry

From neck jewelry different options are possible.

1. Thin chain with pendant

The optimal version of the accessory that will decorate the neckline of a shirt or blouse. The pendant should be small so that the product is basic, not accent. If you wear a turtleneck or sweater to work, then the chain and pendant should be a little more massive.

2. Several multi-level chains

For the office is a suitable option and with several chains with pendants or without. Products should fit each other in style, but it is better to buy them with a complete set. Multi-level chains are perfectly combined with a v-neck.

3. Massive chain

A massive chain without a pendant fits round, oval and v-necklines. The main mistake in choosing large neck jewelry is the departure to ethnic style. Avoid rough laces, beads, untreated leather, handmade, fringe.



Office rings are also better to choose rigorous and geometric shapes. Pearls are welcomed, and massive crystals, on the contrary, should be avoided. What is good for an evening out may be vulgar in a strict business environment.


Chains of different types are ideal as bracelets. They can be thin or medium thickness, as well as with minimalistic pendants. In one image it is permissible to combine several chains. You can choose bracelets with small gems, but leather bracelets are not welcome.


The watch shows your status and your stylistic preferences. If you love femininity and sophistication – you will fit a watch on an elegant metal strap, similar to a bracelet. If your style is minimalism, then choose a watch to match – large ones on a leather belt.



To make a stylish accent in a strict office look, use a brooch. It can be attached to the lapel of a jacket, tight dress or plain sweater. The brooch is better to choose medium size. Too small will be invisible and may not fit into the overall composition of the image. If you have small brooches, put them together and attach them two or three at once. It is quite appropriate if they are small and fit together.

To brooch looked good, it is best to pin it on solid material. The color of the brooch should be contrasted to the fabric – so it will be visible.

Whatever accessories you choose, remember that the main rule that Coco Chanel preached was better not to overdo it with accessories. If it seems to you that something is superfluous – remove this accessory. If you enjoyed reading our guideline on how to choose Jewelry for daily use, share with your friends and family.

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