How to iron silk clothes at your house

Despite its excellent reputation, silk has hard enough fibers that require dry cleaning and may not resist ironing, especially at high temperatures. To iron a garment made of this material, you can use an iron directly on the silk fabric. Steam iron in case the fabric is heavier.  Let’s learn how to iron silk clothes. 

How to iron silk clothes?

how to iron silk clothes

Stretch your dress of silk to smooth wrinkles after washing, or if the dress has been in storage for a long time, also remember to handle it carefully, to preserve the delicate fabric and keep it intact for years. If you are interested in this topic, below you will be explained, in the clearest and most understandable way, how to iron a piece of silk clothing properly. Warning: this is a guide written for information purposes only. Therefore I do not take any responsibility for the use that will be made of it.

What do need to start:

  • Iron
  • Silk garment
  • Ironing board

Set the iron at a low temperature

Set the iron at a low temperature

First set the ironing board, connect the iron to the outlet and select a low heat level. Alternatively, you could place it on the “silk” setting; some irons use this as the “rayon” setting, while others neither. In any case, select a suitably low temperature, as the strong heat stretching could damage the silk fabrics irreversibly. Place the silk garment on your ironing board and place the dress upside down on the right side of the board, from the top of the fabric.

Iron the dress

Iron the dress

Following the indication of the previous step, the excess heat will be absorbed by the spongy fabric of the axis and will preserve the integrity of the dress. If possible turn the silk garment inside out. Check that the temperature of the iron is right and make sure that the heat does not damage your clothes. To do this check on the part of it in an invisible point; if the fabric becomes shiny and feels a strong warmth to the touch or if the iron sticks to it. Lower the temperature to a lower value. If possible, place a clean cloth on the fabric before passing the iron over it. Thus risking causing damage will be reduced considerably.

Hang the dress and let it cool

hang dress after iron

Stretch the silk garment backward, or lightly press the silk using the iron through a print fabric placed on the right side of the fabric. Continue ironing the garment with the iron, always set to the low temperature and using the steam a lot. If some parts of your garment are difficult to iron, do not insist with the iron on them to avoid damage to the area. After you have finished ironing, hang the garment on a hanger and let it cool before you put it on or store it.

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