How to Dress to Look Thinner

Learn the tips and tricks of beauty more practical when dressing to look thinner. Discover how you should choose to clothes and how to combine them to make your figure more stylized.

A general advice when it comes to dressing if you want to disguise the extra pounds is to show the value but not going too tight because the effect is the opposite of what you want to achieve.

It is also essential to know how to combine the different garments. The idea is to mix somewhat tight clothes with others that are not so much. For example, if we put on tight pants, the shirt or shirt has to be wider. What is never to be done is to combine two very broad garments or two very tight clothes.

How to Dress
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How to choose dresses

The dresses have to be one piece and should mark the waist. It better conceals the area of the belly and hips. To disguise more, it is advisable that the dress is a single color and dark and that the fabric has movement and go with the body. Do not use dresses with thick or rigid materials.

The length of the dresses or skirts should be just above the knee or just below, trying to get the legs clear. If you also choose heels and open shoes, the legs appear longer, and we will stylize the figure more.

How to Dress
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How to choose pants

The trousers should be slightly open at the end of the part to disguise the size of the hips and never too tight. The pants mark more the volume of the hip.


Also, take into account waist height that should not be too high or too low. And the length is better than not at ankle height but long almost at ground level.

How to Dress
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How to choose shirts and t-shirts

The neckline of the blouses or t-shirts is advisable to be in V or neck boat to stylize the figure. If you have a large bust it favors the V neck, never necklines closed or high.

They should not be too tight because that way they mark much more defects, they have to suggest but do not have to be very close.

If you wear striped shirts, these have to be vertical and thin because they make thinner.

How to use the add-ons

If you like necklaces choose long non-short necklaces. If you have the long neck, you can use somewhat shorter chains, but if your neck is not too long, it is better not to wear short necklaces or chokers.

The belt should not be too wide or too flashy because we will get people to focus their attention on the waist area.

When wearing boots with a skirt or dress remember that the size of these must be by the knee, never use short boots.

Also, the hairstyle is important when styling our figure more. Hair collected with a high ponytail will help us to leave the area of the shoulders and neck clearer.

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