What to wear with mustard pants?

One of the top trends in modern fashion is mustard color. It has taken over the catwalks and more and more women are opting to get a garment of this color and get, well, be 100% fashionable. But how can they be combined? Being a very particular and characteristic color, sometimes we can stay blank and not know what look to wear to achieve a modern and feminine result. In this article, we are going to tell you what to wear with mustard pants that will inspire you when you open your wardrobe.

What to wear with mustard pants?

If you want to learn how to combine mustard trousers, the first thing you should keep in mind is that this color is warm and, therefore, a sure bet is to opt for warm or light colors with which you can get a fresh and youthful air, perfect for a day outfit or to go to the office.

One of the most sophisticated combinations you can make with these pants is to wear a white blouse or shirt. It tries that the fabric is elegant too. Thus, obtain an ideal aspect for any moment of the day. You can try a pink suit pant.

Combine mustard pants with striped shirt

Combine mustard pants with striped shirt

One of the star combinations that there are to show off your mustard pants is that you combine it with another of the trendiest garments of the moment: the striped shirts. This is a very cool look, so it is recommended that you always look in the morning or afternoon and avoid it when the sun goes down.

You can complement your style with a bright blue blazer to get an even more marine essence. You can also choose other colors such as green, black (if you want a more sober and elegant aesthetic), white, and so on.

Denim shirt with mustard trousers

Denim shirt with mustard trousers

We are at a time when jeans are the last shout. But we do not just talk about jeans, but we refer to all kinds of denim clothes: vests, shirts, handbags, and so on. So, another of the best ways to combine a mustard trousers is with a shirt of this style that fits perfectly with the tone of your pants and, in addition, get a more youthful and informal effect.

If you like vintage fashion, you can choose to put some suspenders on the pants that surround your body; In this way, you will be able to fit your silhouette a bit and, therefore, enhance it at the same time that you make your look totally retro and adapted to the current fashion.

Combination with leopard print

Combination with leopard print

If you are a feminine and daring woman, we are going to propose another perfect outfit for your mustard pants: combine them with a leopard print. The color of your pants is of the same hue as this type of animal print, therefore, it will fit perfectly with your look and will also give you a sexy and very feminine touch.

Although our advice is that you choose to wear accessories with this type of pattern, such as shoes, a bag or jacket and, for the shirt, opt for neutral garments (black, white, gray, brown). In this way, you will put a bold touch to your look but without going over as you run the risk of looking like a tacky. Careful with this!

With neutral colors

With neutral colors: white, black and gray

But if you are looking for a simpler and more natural look, we recommend that you combine your mustard pants with neutral colors such as black or white. You can also choose any color earth as they fit perfectly with the tone of your garment. Thus, browns, beige, orange or cream are ideal to get a fashion outfit and simple.

To give a more striking touch to your style you can take advantage of the accessories and, thus, choose to wear maxibolsos, hats, maxiabrigos, et cetera. With this, you will be able to go simple!

The best compliment: a leather jacket

leather jacket


Currently, the image of a self-confident, brave and daring woman is very fashionable. For that reason, leather garments are a must in the closet of any fashion victim. If you are one of them and want to know how to combine mustard trousers, we recommend that you get a leather jacket or a leather jacket that will give you that rock touch that is so successful lately.

The leather jackets can be combined in multiple ways: pants, dresses, skirts, etc., and the result is always the same, that of a sexy, modern and very confident woman. So if you want to join this fashion, combine your pants with this suck, you’ll be total!

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