Men’s Fashion: Guide to choosing the ideal watch

Do you plan to buy a luxury watch? Within the necessary, you should consider the size, quality and what you want to express.

The watch is one of the most important accessories for executive men as it goes beyond good taste and style, a watch can convey personality traits. So, the web portal gives some advice before buying a watch.

Although we can have the time on the cell phone, nothing replaces a wristwatch that in short is a major piece of jewelry that can be achieved anywhere. Watches also say something about who you are, or at least, what you aspire to be. So, forget about the technological advances for a moment and think about a clock that fulfills its functions.

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  • It is not very complicated.

If you plan to buy an expensive watch, you must first know how good your machine is.

Water Resistant

Saying it is water resistant does not mean it is. Sometimes he cannot even swim. To be sure, you only need to ask how much time underwater can withstand.


A movement powered by a battery and regulated by the oscillations of a quartz crystal. It is the most accurate way other types of watches.

ideal watch
Watch war dove
  • Combine your watch with your wardrobe

Like any other piece in your closet, your watch has to make sense with the rest of what you wear. It is what you should keep in mind.

  1. It may sound old fashioned, but when wearing a leather strap watch, you are always safe, because that leather color can match your belt or the color of your shoes.
  2. If you enjoy a different style say minimalist a small watch is compatible. Your watch should be that style, too.
  3. Warning: Do not let your watch define you

If you are the type of person that makes your watch always stand out and is the center of what you wear, you run the risk of becoming a stereotype.

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  • Seasonal Advice

There is nothing wrong with using the same watch all year round, but we suggest that for the summer season you can have a time-limited watch for this season so a sober watch would not look good at all with you on the beach.

  • Is the size of your watch worth something?

There is something on oversized watches that make them say, “Look at me! Look at me!” But anyway, if you want a watch that catches the eye you need to know that it must be well proportioned and that it does not end up looking wrong.

  • Can you afford a gold watch?

If so, you should think about what kind of gold color you will choose because that will also give you information, even if you do not want it.

You can find a good one for just USD $ 100 on brands like Fossil, Timex, and Nixon.

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