Wet look : when and how to recreate this trendy look

See how to make wet-look hair. The most popular trend of the summer for a hair is always at the top

It will be that with the arrival of the summer a little bit of us all want it, it will be that judging from the latest fashion shows and events it seems that this is the trend of the moment, the fact is that the wet-look hair is back strongly to embellish the hair of celebs and more. Going right on the top step of the most popular hairstyles this spring and next summer.

A truly unique, beautiful, and always high-impact hair styling. Able to transform any hair into a concentration of uniqueness, style, and beauty to be imitated. But how do you make wet-look hair and above all, when is it good to wear it to show off a hair look for true divas and to literally leave you breathless?

Wet-look hair: how it’s done no

Let’s face it clearly, with the arrival of summer, of sunny and hot days, the desire to use straighteners, hairdryers, and any other tool that generates heat moves to the bottom of our ranking. But how, then, to get a super cool hairstyle that always makes us feel unique and with a crown of ten and praise.

Obviously opting for wet-look hair also called wet look. A real trend that highlights the hair with an absolutely unique and shiny allure. Just like you just got out of the water.

A hair looks that allows you to enhance each cut and the natural texture of the hair with a semi-gloss finish and a super elegant appearance. A trend that is easy to reproduce and that will allow you to obtain a real diver’s hair in a few simple steps.

  • The first thing to do, therefore, is to follow a careful hair routine, using moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
  • Once done you will need to comb your hair in order to eliminate any knots and make it perfectly disciplined.
  • From here you will have to let the hair dry in the air, waiting until the hair is slightly damp.
  • Finally, you will have to apply the hair products capable of recreating the desired finish, such as gels, waxes, or oils, which will make the hair shiny and with a truly unique wet effect.

Wet effect hair only on the roots

For those who want to opt for a less radical solution, it is also possible to create wet-look hair even on the roots. Leaving the rest of the hair natural.

To do this you will need to:

  • apply a specific gel product to hair that is still wet, immediately after shampooing, creating the shape you want most;
  • then you will have to dry the rest of the hair with a diffuser, so as not to damage the “wet” part and obtain the long-awaited wet result.

The same goes for if you want to create wet and wavy hair. In this case, you will have to start from the almost dry hair, using a diffuser. And applying a wet effect gel on the lengths or roots, modeling the hair in a delicate and supernatural way.

Who they look good on

A hair look that lends itself very well to being worn with the hair pulled back, making the hair adhere well to the head and emphasizing the facial features of those who try it. Precisely for this reason, wet-look hair, regardless of its length, is particularly suitable for those who have a face with symmetrical and regular features.

But nothing prevents anyone who wishes it from trying to make them even with different hairstyles. By letting the hair fall naturally even on the front, in a light and harmonious way, tying it in a soft or pulled ponytail, for a super chic effect, or trying it on the bangs and with a nice line in the center, both on wavy and straight hair

All this perhaps on the occasion of a particular evening, elegant or otherwise, but also simply of a day in which your desire to show off a different and super summer hairstyle becomes stronger than usual.

In short, wet-look hair can be worn in any way and occasion you want, as long as it is done with style and with that touch of personality that makes each of us unique. Bringing with originality a trend that is destined to remain at the top of the most popular rankings for the whole of next summer and who knows, maybe much more.

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