Modesty and cleanliness of the dresses

Particular care should be taken to always keep the dresses very clean: modesty and politeness can not stand anything from dirt or negligence.

Costumes clean and in perfect condition

The way to put limits to fashion, concerning dresses, and to prevent their followers from falling into excesses, is to subdue it and reduce it to modesty, which must be the rule of a Christian in everything that looks abroad. To have the modest dresses it is necessary that they lack all appearance of luxury and vanity.

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It is also a sign of lowliness of spirit to take an interest in the dresses and to procure them striking and sumptuous; And those who proceed, inspire contempt for all persons of right sense; But most seriously, they publicly renounce the promises they made in baptism and the spirit of Christianity. Those who, on the contrary, despise these vanities, show that they have a great heart and a very high spirit. Denote, in effect.

Since women are naturally less capable of great things than men, they are also more inclined to seek vanity and luxury in the dress than in men. Women fall more easily, recommends immediately to these dresses modestly, embellishing with shame and chastity, and no longer adorn themselves with gold or pearls, Or sumptuous dresses. But to serve oneself as women should do, who show by their good works that they make the profession of faith.

After this rule of the great Apostle, there is nothing to prescribe to Christians but to follow and imitate in that the Christians of the first centuries, who edified all by the modesty and the simplicity of their dresses.

It is shameful in men, as is sometimes seen, to be effeminate and to indulge in dressing richly, and wanting to be considered for it: they should elevate their spirit well considering that the dresses are shameful marks of sin; And, on the other hand, looking upon themselves as born to heaven, they should put their care in making their soul beautiful and pleasing to God.

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It is the advice for the women, even telling them to despise what appears outside and not to adorn themselves with rich dresses at all but to adorn the interior of the heart with the incorruptible purity of a quiet and modest spirit, which is Very rich before God.

Particular care should be taken to always keep the dresses very clean: modesty and politeness can not stand anything from dirt or negligence. Thus, those who allow their clothes, hat, or shoes to be white by the dust, sin against modesty, as well as those who go forth or show themselves abroad with garments sprinkled with mud; Is always a sign of great negligence.

It is also very inconvenient to wear grease or stains on the dresses, and have them dirty or broken; Is a sign of low education and little discipline.

In conclusion

You should not have underwear less appropriate and clean than clothing; For this you have to be careful not to drop ink on the clothes when writing, and not too dirty it by carelessness, either by eating, or by doing something else; You have to change it often, at least every eight days, and do it so that it is always clean.

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