Do you know what your personal style is?

Who has not fallen victim to fashion? Who has not asked himself many times what style is best for him? Who does not have a closet full of things they do not like anymore? It is very common to find our personal style as the years go by and make many mistakes along the way. Today it is easier to find trends in low-cost stores.

That is why I want to share with you these tips to discover, identify and enhance our personal style. Before going on to expose these simple tips, let me briefly explain why it is important to find our personal style.

What personal style suits them well and what they need?

The best personal styles do not always come from people who look like models or have lots of money. On the contrary, in most cases, the best personal styles are found on the street, in common people.

Your personal style
personal style

What makes these people different is the knowledge of their body?

Finding our personal style and empowering it is important not only from an aesthetic point of view but to have a good personal image and communicate an appropriate message.

Let us give an example. Imagine Laura, a 35-year-old lawyer who works in a law firm and likes to go out on weekends with her friends. Laura, by her work and her age, should show an image according to it. However, Laura is a bit lost and overwhelmed with so many trends she sees in store windows and social networks. So, in an attempt to be fashionable, spend a hefty amount of money every month on clothes of all trends and every day of the week you go to the office try a different one. Is Laura doing well? Well, no. Laura is not only spending money in a bad way but is giving a wrong message or many messages at once about her image and in the end, she is not building an image that reinforces her identity.

So that it does not happen to you like Laura, follow these simple tips and dare to find your own style that finally communicates your essence.

Your personal style

Look for personal style icons

In social networks like Instagram and Pinterest, you can find thousands of people known and not know who have very marked styles, follow them and get inspired by their looks. Look for people who look like you on your body type, in your hair and skin tones, among other similarities. I, for example, follow the style of Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, and Kim Kardashian. Obviously, I do not have the body type of them, but I think I’m curvilinear and I really like the sensual Latin style and something romantic.

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Learn what your body type is and look for garments that favor you

As some of you already know, we have five body types. The full explanation can be found in this post. I, for example, have an hourglass body, although with a little-inverted triangle. My back is almost or wider than my hips.

You can put what you want, but there will always be garments that favor you more, do not avoid them.

You can have 1 or 2 body types at a time, such as being curvy or hourglass and having slightly more volume in the back than at the hips.

Check your closet and see what you have

Pay attention to the colors, shapes, and personal styles you keep in your closet. If you have many neutral colors like black or white, it is an indication that that color is going well for you. It’s that simple. In my case, I possess many garments of neutral colors and earth tones, and I have realized with the time that effectively these tones are going well for me.

A wardrobe says a lot about ourselves.

Your personal style
Your personal style

Consider the tone of your skin, eyes, and hair

So, we care about the type of body that we have when it comes to dressing, let’s think about our tones. If you have black hair and white skin, the white and shiny accessories will fit you very well. If you wear dark brown hair to black and brown skin, silver accessories will look perfect and if you are more Chestnut to blonde and white to tan skin, golden accessories will combine very well. In my case, I use, almost always, gold jewelry.

The tone of your hair, your skin, and your eyes will help you to define whether warm or cold colors are for you.

Try the colors near your face and you will know which colors favor you.

Your personal style
Your personal style

Finally, analyze your personal style

If you are a person who spends most of the week in an office with a very formal environment, you will not need dozens of party dresses or clothes every fashionista. If you are a person who is walking all the time, you will not need many shoes of tacos and more of platform or wedge. If you are a person who has many events during the week and works in the world of art or fashion, you will need flashy clothes and something more trendy.

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