How to mend a hole in fabric? Easiest way

Nothing is worse than having one of those little accidents with a sharp surface that ends up ruining our favorite sweater or blouse. Apply when it is the newly purchased blouse. It was left in that collection you saw in the store. Let’s discover how to mend a hole in fabric.

We find this lovely tutorial on how to fix a hole in the fabric without you noticing anything. So that you can recover that garment that you love so much in a matter of seconds, the best thing is that it is ideal for those knitted garments.

How to mend a hole in fabric without being noticed

The Youtube channel Professor Pincushion teaches us how to fix a garment with a few minutes to invest. In fact, in this channel, you can find two infallible forms that give that effect you want in the torn clothing.

How to mend a hole in fabric

Method 1:

For the first method, some materials are required that will give that magical result that is cloth and interlining fixer. First, you must iron the affected area and turn the shirt. You have to press with the iron until you heat the threads of the t-shirt very well and with the help of your fingers join each edge. To seal, you must apply a transparent interlining and over it a larger piece of fixing fabric. To seal with heat, place a cloth over the area, moisten a little and finally press with the iron for 10 sec.

How to mend a hole in fabric

Method 2:

In the second technique, you need thread and needle of the same color as the blouse to be repaired. You will carefully sew the hole from the inner area of the shirt. It is ideal that you choose areas very close to the break to introduce the needle. So, the work is more delicate. The idea is to tap only around the hole making points on opposite sides so that the hole is repaired when the yarn is stretched. Of course, the second method is more noticeable than the first; but the interlining is only feasible when the hole is tiny.

Do you know another technique on how to mend a hole in fabric?

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