How to get glowing skin overnight for this Christmas

During the Christmas, we all want to look beautiful, so we choose in detail the ideal outfit to highlight our beauty and be fashionable, we makeup, comb and arrange to be splendid during the holidays, either Christmas Eve or the arrival of the New Year. But what better way to look good than counting on perfect skin? Here, we give you the keys to discover how to get glowing skin overnight for this Christmas with some home treatments.

How to get glowing skin overnight

apply facial mask

First step: Start by applying a facial mask to soften your skin, improve its appearance, revitalize it and make it look great. In this article find several options of homemade masks that will help you to have a fabulous complexion during the holidays. Let it for 15-18 minutes, remove it with cold water and get ready to continue beautifying your appearance.

homemade body exfoliation



Second step: Receive Christmas and New Year with radiant skin and free of dead cells applying a good homemade body exfoliation. On December 24 or 31, when you take your bath, take advantage of this simple treatment that will leave your skin soft and very attractive.

light your skin


Third step: The same must do with your face, and is that a facial exfoliation. To bring light to your skin will allow you to apply much better makeup and make your face look more radiant during the holidays. You can resort to a cosmetic product or make your exfoliant at home.

treat open pores

Fourth step: If you also tend to have open pores with the above recommendations, you will be able to close them and make your complexion look great.

moisturizing and repairing cream

Fifth step: After exfoliating the skin of your body apply your moisturizing and repairing cream, you will see how quickly you will feel the softness and how your complexion absorbs the product faster. As for the face, apply a cream for the eye area, essential on cold days and during the holidays to refresh your eyes, and a serum or day cream that will help improve the appearance of the skin immediately. That favors the application of makeup.

self-tanning cream

Sixth step: If you plan to use a model that stands out more with brown skin, then you can choose to apply a self-tanning cream four days before the holidays and give your complexion a little life and color.

Also do not forget to use as an ally a good makeup: the highlighter and blush will be your best friends to liven up your face and look beautiful in all the photographs of these parties. If you like the article how to get glowing skin overnight, share with your friends who love their skin.

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