How to straighten hair without a flat iron?

You can endlessly believe in the holy power of sprays and hair mousses, which seem to save the hair from the negative effects of thermo aggregates. But in fact, any hairdryers, ploys and further on the list are damaging the curls. So, if they can be postponed until better times and choose a healthier alternative, then why not? Let’s discuss how to straighten hair without a flat iron.

How to straighten hair without a flat iron?

how to straighten hair without a flat iron

  1. Hold the hair in the milk for 10 minutes, then cover the head with a plastic film or cap and hold it for another 30 minutes.
  2. After that, wash your hair with shampoo as usual and then dry it with a hair dryer or under the fan with a comb.

Specially selected only ways to straighten hair without a hairdryer. But you know that you can always switch it to a cold mode? Of course, this will lengthen the drying time, but not so harmful. Keep reading: How to wear saree to look much beautiful? Step by step guideline


And it’s not funny. To help yourself before packing, you need to choose the right shampoo and conditioner in addition. In your case, this should be something with keratin, known for its straightening properties. After showering take smoothing agents: straightening serum or cream or indelible conditioner. Well, after all, use a towel made of the well-absorbent material, which will help to dry hair and not confuse them. We tell: for this role the bamboo towel, which plus possesses bactericidal properties, perfectly suits.

how to straighten hair without a flat iron


In Latin American countries, a technique called “Toga” is popular. In order to straighten their naughty hair without a hairdryer and ironing, residents of hot countries wash their hair, dry it with cold air on the hair dryer, and then, almost drying their hair to the end, wrap them around the head, fixing the studs. In the morning they get straightened and shiny hair.


Surprise: with the help of hair curlers you can not only make curls, but also straighten your hair, and also add volume! For these purposes, the large-diameter hair curlers are the most suitable, and you should start the procedure after you have washed your hair and dried the curls with a towel.

how to straighten hair without a flat iron


Do not forget to apply masks for hair straightening (it is not important, you are a lover of purchased or amused handmade recipes) 1-2 times a week. It will be necessary, of course, to wait a few months to see the real effect of straightening hair without a hairdryer and ironing, but be patient and do not do such procedures too often: otherwise, you can dry your scalp.


Some stylists suggest such a way here for those who survive: comb the wet hair comb with wide teeth. True, until complete drying and straightening will have to do this for at least an hour. However, there is also a light version: it is enough to treat the hair with softening indelible means and comb it until the product is completely absorbed, this will also help in straightening them (if you really want to do it without a hairdryer and ironing), and it takes less time. You might also like:

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