How to clean sunglasses

When summer arrives and the sun begins to beat down, one of the accessories that we cannot go out without is sunglasses. These tinted lenses are specifically designed so that, despite spending hours on the streets with the sun shining down, your eyes do not suffer the consequences of UV rays, which can cause burns on the retinas or even progressive loss of vision. In addition, today there are numerous designs and models so that, in addition to protecting your eye health, you can be fashionable.

However, just as happens with prescription glasses, sunglasses also end up getting dirty, either from facial creams, dirt from the environment, our fingers when handling them, or any setback. That is why, so that you always keep your gaze clear and healthy, in this new article we are going to tell you how to clean your sunglasses.

Methods to clean crystals

Keeping the lenses of the glasses clean is essential to be able to have clear vision and not strain the eyes. In addition, it is also important for its maintenance. Always having dirty crystals can cause the lens to end up wearing out, scratching, or even micro-cracks.

In order to maintain a good cleaning of the crystals, there are several methods that we will specify below. We have ordered them in terms of their accessibility and also in terms of popularity:

Soap and water

One of the most classic and reliable ways is to clean your glasses with soap and water. It must be a mild, chemical-free soap so that it does not damage the material. Place the glasses under the tap and with the help of your fingertips, clean the crystals with soap. Rinse and, with the help of a clean chamois, dry them carefully.

Wet wipes

Another equally reliable and slightly more comfortable method is to get specific wet wipes for glasses. They usually come in individual packs and are already ready with a specific cleaning product. In addition, they dry in a few seconds and are ready.

Window cleaning sprays

If you don’t have the wipes, but you don’t want to be washing them, another method is with window cleaning spray. This product has a formula to leave crystals clean and transparent. You just have to spread it and remove it with the help of a clean chamois.

Ultrasonic cleaner

As a last option, you have one of the newest and most sophisticated methods. It is an ultrasonic cleaner that is capable of removing the remains of dirt through waves. In addition, it is also used for other types of surfaces.

How to clean the frame of sunglasses

You should bear in mind that, after a few uses, it is not only the lenses that end up getting dirty but also the entire frame. That is why you should try to keep it clean since it is always in contact with the face and can carry remains of your facial fat, especially condensed on the forehead and ears.

To be able to thoroughly clean the frame of your glasses you must follow the following steps and thus prevent them from ending up spoiling:

  • Take your glasses and put them under the water tap so they get wet.
  • With the help of soap, a dishwasher, and a wipe, go lathering and rubbing in the areas of the frame.
  • Try to hold them by the side to prevent them from twisting when applying pressure to rub.
  • Once finished, rinse all traces of soap with water.
  • You can take advantage to clean the crystals.
  • To finish, with the same chamois as the crystals, finish drying the frames and they will be ready.

Products to avoid when cleaning sunglasses

Cleaning your sunglasses may seem very simple to do. However, beyond what must be done to always have them ready, it is more important to know which products or techniques that are completely discouraged. These are:

  • Chemical products: although they are used to clean the house, it is not recommended to use chemical products such as ammonia or bleach, since they are very strong and can damage the shine of the crystals and make them translucent.
  • Toilet paper or napkins: It may be tempting to dry your crystals with a tissue or napkin. However, although it may not seem like it, it is a very hard material for glass and it can end up making micro-scratches.
  • Condensation: Many people clean their glasses by using their own condensation to generate humidity. However, this only leaves the bacteria from your mouth on the glass and encourages more dirt.

In short, it is better not to apply any product, with the exception of soap and water, that is not specifically designed to clean glasses, so as not to end up damaging the precious crystals.

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