How to wear a pocket watch

The pocket watch returns to become an appendage of the fashionista. But, like all accessories, this classic also requires a user manual. Can it be worn with a watch? Is it a piece only for suits? How to wear a pocket watch? Tissot, a watch brand with more than 160 years of history, takes the opportunity to present it is perfect ‘know how.’

How to wear a pocket watch

If the watch is worn in the vest pocket, we must attach the watch chain to a vest button. The clock must be in the vest pocket with the watch face facing the body. This way, the watch face is protected. You can see the front of the watch without having to adjust it. The chain attached to the button of the vest can be left apart that hangs from it freely or held by a pin to dress, or caught inside the other pocket. If you are right-handed, the clock should be on the right side. Otherwise, if you are left-handed. The correct way to get to your watch is to throw your left hand (or right if you are left-handed) and leave your right hand to write.

How to wear a pocket watch

If you want to carry the watch in another pocket, such as a pair of jeans, this should go in the pocket that most jeans have and that people think is for the money. No, it’s just for the clock. In this case, the chain should be attached to the loop (each of the fabric tapes to fasten the belt) on the same side (right) closest to the central button closure of the pants, but taking into account how to put in your pocket the clock, as indicated above.

The touch you are looking for

It is not a basic but a piece that brings the distinction. So it does not have to be at odds with a wristwatch. However, when asked the time, take out your pocket watch with confidence, lift the lid, and respond. A good option for the brand is Savonnette. It will make you not go unnoticed.

Anything does not look good! The kind of a pocket watch prevents taking it with any complement. The Lepine (without lid) are unique pieces to which it is not necessary to add any seasoning.

To the neck, for the most daring

Like a necklace for them, but with a small clock hanging from the chain. This is Pendant 1878, a replica of the model created in 1878 for the demanding market of the Russia of the Tsars more than 130 years ago. A clear example of ‘everything comes back’ and of all the uses that can be given to watches as accessories.

Join the retro trend

Nurse-type watches, named after their hanging chain finished in a safety pin buckle, have been acclaimed, sought after and desired by fashion experts, thanks to the ‘vintage’ boom.

A compliment that is modernized

It is not only for people in business or people of a certain age. The pocket watch has returned with a transgressive point that updates its style to take it to a ‘casual’ terrain. The complement seeks its light beyond the ties.

Personalize your model

What if you fall in love with a watch, but your cord is horrifying? Tissot bets on DIY, that is, do it yourself. Do not settle for what you see … Search and find! Inevitably in some corner of the house, you find the cord that goes best with your watch.

Since the wristwatch was introduced into our society, the pocket watch has become a kind of curiosity or rarity. At some point, a symbol of wealth, the pocket watch is now a class symbol.

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