Shorts and tacos, yes or no?

Dare and walk safely and confidently! Be yourself the best option is the attitude.

High heels with shorts are one of those combinations that inspire different reactions. Already, wearing shorts in Lima is a little complicated by the obscenities that can tell you; but I think we should go against it and dare to use whatever we want, as long as we feel good. No one, let alone the rudeness, can restrain our style, our essence and our power as women.

How to take them without falling into the common

The tacos and shorts definitely work well, but when worn well. Combining shorts, with a non-girdle top like off shoulder or a loose pole and delicate tacos, as in nude color, is a yes for a summer chic look. On the contrary, if you go for some very tight shorts and a tight top you can fall into the vulgar. And there is a thin line between the sexy and the vulgar; sometimes we can be victims of emotion and not see ourselves as appropriate. That’s why I wanted to make this post, to give my opinion on this combination that if done in style, goes very well.

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See the pictures below.

Short and tacos.
Do not inhibit yourself by wearing a pair of tacos, look for balance. Everything depends on the high and formality of the shorts and the high of the tacos. The idea is to create a balance.
Wear a blouse without shoulders and loose to not overload the look. You can also combine your shorts and tacos with a very relaxed and loose polo.
Beware of so-called ‘shorts’. The idea is that the short will cover all the pompis. 
Use delicate shoes in soft tones to not load the look and keep it informal. Avoid the tacos with the round tip. Look for those who sharpen the leg, such as those that are pointed or sandals, like the ones I wear. 


Clearly the high of the tacos and the length and formality of the shorts are those that play a fundamental role in the result. To clarify the ambiguity regarding this subject I leave these photos that I made wearing white denim shorts, an off-shoulder blouse and some nude studs. A very simple look for summer heels. What do you think?

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