5 Men’s Turtleneck Outfit Ideas That Are Sharp and Stylish

A turtleneck is one of the most versatile pieces in a man’s wardrobe. In other words, there are many creative ways to incorporate one into an outfit. From a casual lunch with friends to a meeting at work, a turtleneck conveys classic style. Consider some ideas for both casual and dressy outfits starring your favorite turtleneck.

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Outfit #1: Turtleneck, Blazer and Trousers

A mens turtleneck sweater paired with a plaid blazer is both chic and modern. Look closely at the plaid pattern in your blazer. If it includes tan, then choose a tan turtleneck sweater to complement the plaid pattern. You can do this with almost any color in a plaid blazer.

For this outfit, dark trousers are your best bet. A gray plaid blazer would look sleek with gray trousers. Or, if the plaid blazer has black in its pattern, then black trousers would be a smart choice. A pair of dark leather boots would work with this outfit, so most of the focus remains on your turtleneck sweater and blazer.

Outfit #2: Turtleneck, Puffer Vest and Jeans

This outfit featuring a turtleneck, puffer vest and jeans is great for outdoor gatherings with friends and other laid-back occasions. A gray turtleneck combined with a black puffer vest and black jeans gives you a sleek look. A pair of black boots are the perfect finishing touch for this outfit.

A variation of this ensemble can be a white turtleneck paired with a royal blue, green or even a purple puffer vest. A white turtleneck always goes well with light or dark mens jeans.

If you want to accessorize this outfit, tie a wool scarf around your neck. With a black puffer vest, a plaid gray and black scarf would be a stylish choice. Alternatively, a scarf with a pattern in lighter colors and a white turtleneck would go well together.

Outfit #3: Turtleneck and Peacoat

Chances are, you have a peacoat in your wardrobe that you usually bring out for winter months. You’ll be glad to hear that a turtleneck peacoat combination is a winning look! A white or off-white turtleneck is an excellent piece to own because it can go with any peacoat color. A sharp coat in navy blue, black, green or brown will make your white turtleneck stand out even more.

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Another version of this outfit involves pairing a bright-colored turtleneck with a dark peacoat. A red or royal blue turtleneck is statement-making with a black or charcoal gray peacoat or other mens topcoat. Jeans or dark casual trousers are both great choices for a turtleneck and peacoat outfit.

For extra flair, add a classic newsboy cap to your ensemble. These caps are available in plaid and solid colors. Consider looking for a cap with a design highlighting the color of your coat or turtleneck. Paying attention to these small details can help you bring all the elements of your outfit together.

Outfit #4: Turtleneck, Jacket and Pants

One of the best things about this outfit is that a turtleneck looks great with jackets of many styles. One option is to wear a charcoal gray or green turtleneck with a dark brown bomber jacket. Or maybe your bomber jacket is tan with a black collar. If so, go with a black turtleneck to seamlessly match your bomber jacket and top. A pair of dark jeans works well with this outfit.

A moto jacket is another sleek piece to wear with a turtleneck. If your moto jacket is black, consider a turtleneck in light blue or pale gray. A black patterned turtleneck would give even more flair to this look. Full or mock turtleneck styles would both be excellent options for this ensemble.

Do you have a denim jacket? A light denim jacket would look casual yet stylish with navy blue, black or other dark turtlenecks. A casual pair of black pants will work well with this combination.

Whether you’re running errands or meeting friends for a drink, a quilted jacket and turtleneck outfit is the definition of effortless style. A black or navy-blue quilted jacket looks sharp with an off-white turtleneck. Your favorite pair of jeans will fit right into this ensemble.

Outfit #5: Turtleneck, Button Shirt and Casual Trousers

This outfit puts a new spin on wearing a button shirt with a turtleneck. It’s a little out of the ordinary, but you may want to give it a try. Instead of wearing your button shirt open over your turtleneck, put it on as your first layer. This allows you to pull up the collar of your button shirt so it sticks out over the top of your turtleneck. The color of your button shirt’s collar can enhance the look even more.

One idea for this look is to pair a light denim shirt with a navy-blue turtleneck. The two shades of blue will complement each other. You can take it a step further by wearing light or dark blue denim jeans.

Another option is to pair a light-colored button shirt with a dark turtleneck. This could be a tan dress shirt with a black turtleneck or a white shirt with a royal blue turtleneck. In this instance, the two colors create a stylish contrast.

Pull the cuffs of your button shirt out from beneath your turtleneck sleeves and fold them over. This way, you not only have that peek of color at the collar, but you also have it at the sleeves.

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Boost Your Style With a Turtleneck

Don’t keep your turtlenecks hidden away on a shelf in your closet. Take out these classic pieces and see how many stylish outfits you can create!

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